Wrap-up February // Sickness, cars and my first signed book!

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Hello, sweet peas!

February is over. Yay! Well, it’s not like it was a particularly good or bad month, I’m just always so excited when a new month starts. But of course it took much too long to get this wrap-up done. Just once I want to actually have one posted on the first. 😅

Okay, so according to my journal the following happend:

♣️ We picked up our very own car! We bought a car, I think I told you this. Now we got it. I’m really happy about it. I never owned a car before.

♣️ Valentine’s was not a good day. Not that Valentine’s is really celebrated in my house anyways but it marked the day where I came home from work with cold shivers and ended up with a high fever. I’m basically never sick, so me lying around in bed burning up while crying (don’t laugh, I have this habit of having to cry about the smallest things when I’m sick) is kind of a highlight that needs to be blogged about. 😅

♣️ The boyfriend™ and I celebrated our third anniversary. How is time flying so fast? Like I said Valentine’s is not celebrated in our house and that is because our anniversary is basically a week later. I’d rather keep that day special. Also, it’s much easier to get a reservation in any kind of restaurant of our choosing.

♣️ I ordered signed books for the very first time. I had my eye on these books from the Owlcrate jr. for forever and end of February I finally made the decision to use one of my Book Buy Ban jokers to order a signed copy (and a mug) of The Bones Houses. It’s probably not something I will do again since I basically had to sell my soul to get those here. They should arrive any day now.

♣️ I rediscovered the library. Our library moved last autumn and I haven’t been there in a while. It’s now somewhat integrated into the local university. I have to admit I was kinda disappointed in what they did with the place. The old librarians – way too young to retire – have obviously been sacked and while everything is bright and open now, the shelves are pretty much empty. And no, I’m pretty sure that’s not because everything has been loaned out.


A graphic novel that really surprised me. It’s not really horror, the stories in there are just really, really creepy. And jupp, I read that at night when home alone. Cue the shampoo bottles falling over in the shower while I was at a spooky bit.

Unfortunately these are only available in German. Woodwalkers is a really cool series and I wish all you Middlegrade lovers out there could read them too. I mean a whole school full of shapeshifters, with secrets, spies, epic fights, friendship and bullies and sworn enemies? What’s not to love? I got the first four books from the library and went on a binge read and will go back for the last two when the library has them available.

The German cover is gorgeous! And it’s been so good to have read something by Rick Riordan again, even though I already knew most of the stories. It was still funny to hear all of it in Percy’s voice. I definitely gotta read the one about Greek Heroes as well.

Another graphic novel. The drawing was nice but somehow I didn’t like the story as much as other ones by Vera Brosgol. I don’t know. It was still good though.

The Last of us: American Dreams by Neil Druckman

Do you know how bummed out I was when I head that they pushed back the release date of Last of Us 2 from February to May? Devastated. Well in the meantime this little graphic novel had to do. 😉

I managed to write ONE review last month. YAY! 😂

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