WWW Wednesday // Too many CRs and can somebody summon a Reading God for me?

Posted 25-03-2020 by Marion in Allgemein / 15 Comments

Hey, guys!

At the moment I’m not really reading all too much. I’m working rather a lot and when I’m home I just don’t feel like anything but easy entertainment like a game or a rerun of some series. But yeah. I don’t mind too much.

I will probably mind in about five days and then I will howl and groan and cry about the fact that I’m falling behind on my goodreads goal. Keep suggestion about what I have to sacrifice to what God to get on track again ready.

In case you don’t know about the WWW Wednesday – it’s a meme hosted by Sam @ Taking on a World of Words. First rule of the WWW Wednesday? Talk about the WWW Wednesday!

The Three Ws are:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

Truth be told, since last week I haven’t finished any new books. No, not even Legend of Greg, even though I quite like it.

Are you brainstorming for those suggestions yet?

Just because I just cannot finish any books doesn’t mean that I don’t try by starting and reading as many books as I possibly can!


Still stuck in this book. It’s not bad but at the moment I have a little trouble to stick with it.

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God, people. This book is so beautiful. Not only from the outside but also – as far as I’ve seen – from the inside. Abi Elphinstone might just become my favourite MG author.

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Look at me, I’m rereading the first of the Darkest Powers books. Has been a while that I have read those. Has anybody else read them?


This is one of my favourite Middlegrade book of all times. I reread it every year and it has this magical abiliy to get me out of my slumps….which is probably where I’m heading at the moment. Well, I have full confidence that this book will save me.

Yeah. No clue. I have so many CRs at the moment that I will probably just stick to those until next week. It will be fine. Unless we can summon some super-reading God or something for me. Then it might be more than fine.

….or super terrible. You know.

Do you know any of the books on my list?

15 responses to “WWW Wednesday // Too many CRs and can somebody summon a Reading God for me?

  1. I love the covers on your books – all of them. They are so pretty. ❀️. I am finding myself distracted lately too by everything going on which makes reading with the intent to review very difficult for sure. Hang in there 😊

    • I love them all too! <3 But I the cover of Skysong I just love the most. The thing is that the cover has this coating that gives it this velvet-y feel. I love running my fingers over it. ❀️

  2. I *think* I read the Dutch version of The Summoning years ago? But I’m not sure.. It looks way too familiar though! And not having finished anything is nothing to worry about! I had the same thing last week and ended up finishing two books since. You’ll be okay!

    Maybe you should light a candle for the Reading God and.. then cozy up with a book while it burns? πŸ˜›

    • It’s weird to get back into that trot, you know? At the beginning of the year I usually read ton (for me) of books and the farther I get into the year, the less it gets. Which is weird because I usually have more to do in the beginning of the year. πŸ˜…
      I will try that candle thing tonight. I’ll tell you if it helps. πŸ˜‚

      • Did it help? Did it help?!

        Ha, I get it! Although I always try making some time to read. I did read a whole lot more already than I anticipated to? And now with the whole covid-ordeal, there’s even more time to read – yay! :’) [We just have to hold on to the positive things]

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