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Hello, sweet peas!

This week is all on the weird side again and now I’m wondering if there will ever be a WWW Wednesday that I’m starting in a different way. Seriously, can life stop being weird?

Seems like I’ve forgotten to write a WWW post last week (again) and that’s why this week’s post will feature more books. Yay. More books is always good, right? Right.

WWW Wednesday is hosted by Sam @ Taking on a World of Words btw, in case you didn’t know.

The Three Ws are:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

Am I reading too many books at the moment again? Why, yes. Yes, I am. I honestly have no idea how that keeps happening. Maybe my attention span is just too short?

Well, first of all, I’m still somewhere in Thomas Wildus and the Book of Sorrows and Dragon Pearl. With both of them I haven’t made much progress, so it doesn’t make sense to talk too much about them again. Besides the fact that I really don’t feel the Wildus book at all. The only reason why I haven’t given up at all is because it’s a book we are reading for the bookclub.

BUT! I’m also reading other stuff.

And then there were none by Agatha Christie

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It’s a buddy read and it’s so much fun. We are both holding back, so we are never too far ahead of the other and the discussions, the questions, the whodunit of it all is just so delightful. I have my suspicions of who the murderer is and am after so many deaths happy that that character is still alive and could be it! It’s so much fun.

Shadowsmith by Ross MacKenzie

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I forgot how much I loved Ross MacKenzie’s writing when I read one of his other books. It’s amazing. I love the whole atmosphere of this book and I love the characters. I can’t wait to have time tonight to finish it.

Okay, since last time I have read the following books.

The Jumbies by Tracey Baptiste


I finished the bookclub book early. It was just soo good. I just couldn’t stop anymore. The chapters are short, the atmosphere creepy, the descriptions so vivid. I honestly loved this book and will soon write a review.

Woodwalkers #5 Feindliche Spuren by Katja Brandis

40490536. sx318

I caved. Since my library is still not open, I finally gave up and bought the ebooks for the final two books of the Woodwalker series. I really fell in love with those books and read this one in quite a short time.

Woodwalkers #6 Tag der Rache by Katja Brandis

43379993. sx318

And now that series is over. I’m really sad. I liked the different characters, I liked the setting and the adventures and the suspense in these books. And I liked how it all came together in the end.

Good question, actually. I mean, there are A LOT of books saved in my Scribd library. And there are too many books on my tbr. Bookclub has chosen two books again and I have received a review copy from an author which is super exciting.

What are you reading at the moment? What have you recently finished? What do you wanna read next?

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    • I finished it around lunch today. It was so good. And of course, AC being the master of subversion, I didn’t get the murderer right. 😂

    • I’ve finished it a few hours ago because it was just soooo good. And of course I didn’t get the murderer right. 😂
      But I know exactly what you mean, the same is for me Five Little Pigs. It was one of my firsts and I love it so much. <3

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