Choose a different title (because some books deserve better)

Hey, sweet peas!

Do you ever love a book but just have to shake your head about the title? Wonder how the author who made such a world, told such a story could have been totally unoriginal with the name of the book?

It is funny somehow, isn’t it? Sometimes you just stare at the book and you got this idea forming in your head how much better this book in front of you would be if it just had this title.

Jana asked this question for Top Ten Tuesday this week and immediatly one thing came to mind.

Pumpkin Heads

I honestly could only think of this graphic novel because that was what bugged me from the first time I saw it and read the blurb. Why this title? 😫
I mean, I get it. It could be a wordplay on “knuckleheads” because the two main characters could be kinda thickheaded sometimes but seriously. Guys. Miss Rowell. Why, oh why, is this book called “Pumpkin Heads” when you could have named it



It would have worked beautifully. Don’t tell me that that title was too long or already taken or whatever. This book should have totally been named Pumpkin patch pals. I’m kinda salty about it. I don’t even know why. Maybe because alliterations are cool. Second only to puns.

I guess there should be more. I should be thinking about nine more books to give titles to but I can’t. This one is totally taking all renaming space in my head.

What books would you rename? Do you have any cool titles in mind?

13 thoughts on “Choose a different title (because some books deserve better)

  1. Ohh, I just read this!! πŸŽƒ I agree with you though: I had no idea why it was called Pumpkinheads as well 😯 Pumpkin Patch Pals sounds like a really great alternate title!! πŸ™‚


    1. I was really wondering if there was some kind of message behind the title or what it was referring to. But maybe I’m just overthinking it too much. πŸ˜…

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