Top Five Tuesday // Authors with U, V, W, X, Y, Z

Hey, sweet peas!

I feel like this is gonna be a fast affair today. I’m really tired and had a long day. Also, I already wrote a Top Ten Tuesday today, so my creative energy is kinda drained. I don’t know if I can find a book for every letter but I will try.

Top Five Tuesday is a meme by Shana @ Bionic Book Worm.

U like Thees Uhlmann

25797100. sy475

It’s a German author but totally legit. I have this book as an audiobook. The title translates as “Sophia, Death and I”.

V like Jules Verne


I think that doesn’t need much explanation. But I always loved Around the World in 80 days best. It’s actually one of my favorite classics to read. I think a reread is definitely in order.

W like Amy Wilson

28168228. sy475

Ever since I have read her first book – A girl called Owl – I have been in love with Amy Wilson’s writing. It has doesn’t only have magic in them literally but there is also something about it that makes it feel like magic is seeping off every single page. Amy Wilson one of my favorite authors for Middlegrade books. I highly recommend her books.

X like … Xcuse me?

I have no idea about an author with X. I promise I looked. Would you accept a picture of my mum’s dog in front of my bookshelf as an apology?

Y like Moira Young

37835954. sy475

It’s still unread but I have this on my tbr and am totally looking forward to reading it. Isn’t the cover totally gorgeous?

Z like Gabrielle Zevin


I read this books some time ago and even had to cry a little at the end. It was amazing. I really gotta look up if Gabrielle Zevin has more books like this.

Woha, those letters were hard! Do you know any of the authors listed?

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