Wrap-up September

Hello, friends!

It’s already the end of the month, can you believe it? I feel like September just flew by. There was not much going on for me and I also didn’t read that much but hey, a post is a post.

♣️ My little sister’s 20th birthday came around and I feel pretty old now. Also, they took some blood for a test from me the same day and I felt so sleepy and easily out of breath the whole day that that feeling was aplified as well. 😅

I’m afraid, I don’t have anything else to report. 😅

📖physical copy
💥 graphic novel
🐣Middlegrade/Children’s Fiction
👽science fiction

TitleAuthorSeriesGenreMediumwith me since?Reread?RatingCover
Zwölf GeheimnisseKatja BrandisWoodwalkers & Friends #2🐣📱16.09.2021NO4🦊Woodwalkers & Friends. Zwölf Geheimnisse by Katja Brandis
The Raven HeirStephanie Burgis🐣🐉📱09.2021NO4🦊The Raven Heir by Stephanie Burgis
NewsPrintRu Xu💥📱09.2021NO4🦊NewsPrints by Ru Xu
The Wolf’s CurseJessica Vitalis🐣🐉📱09.2021NO4,5🦊The Wolf's Curse by Jessica Vitalis
The Secret Garden of 81st StreetIvy Noelle Weir💥📱09.2021NO3🦊The Secret Garden on 81st Street by Ivy Noelle Weir
Beast Boy loves RavenKami Garcia & Gabriel Picolo💥📱28.09.2021NO3,5🦊Teen Titans by Kami Garcia

I know I said I would do lots of things this month, at least on my blog, but I didn’t do any of them. I didn’t read much and I didn’t post much, besides the two blogtours I was part of. I really gotta step up my game.

Blogtour “The Raven Heir” (The Raven Crown #1) by Stephanie Burgis

Blogtour “The Wolf’s Curse” by Jessica Vitalis

There is not really a reason to look if I have reached any of my goals because I didn’t. I haven’t read any of the Posibility Pile books either, so… Yeah, reading wise this month was a bit of a fail. But never mind. I still hope you had a great time and are fully prepared for October. I’m really psyched about October. It’s one of my favourite months.

4 thoughts on “Wrap-up September

  1. Happy belated Birthday to your sister! I can’t believe how quickly September has come and gone as well—it literally passed by in a blink! I loved The Wolf’s Curse and it was probably one of my fave MG reads this year (though I haven’t read that many either). I can’t wait to check out the Secret Garden of 81st Street GN soon! Hope you have a great month ahead 🙂


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