5 characters I would trade places with // and with characters I would definitely NOT

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Do you ever wish you were somebody else? Lived another life or just get whisked away from your home forever?

Not me, to be honest. I’m pretty content with my life. I love what I have and believe in the fact that I can change my own fate if need be.

But hey, let’s just pretend for a moment. Just because I wouldn’t jump at the first opportunity to leave my loved ones and everything I know behind, doesn’t mean that I cannot feel the lure of some strange world or the opportunity to trade places with a bookish character. I mean, for a weekend? Despite the fact that I would probably die in whatever strange setting I would have been placed, the part of me that loves wandering around and exploring would love it. Maybe?

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Arthur and Rose from The Land of Roar

Okay, who of you didn’t have an active imagination when you were a kid? Who didn’t dream some days away or play pretend with your friends? I sure did. I might have never had my own land with dragons, mermaids and evil scarecrows but could you imagine how it would be to go to the place that you made up when you were a child? Where you were the hero? Had all those special powers? If I could I would definitely trade places with Arthur and Rose. I would visit all the places I made up as a kid and rediscover things I have already forgotten. Invisible friends, make-believe. Seriously. Just imagine.

Literally any character from the Woodwalkers series

For some reason lately I have a real addiction to books that have to do with shapeshifting. I love how shapeshifters bring together the best of both worlds – the human world and the animal kingdom. The idea that you could be both, that you feel the freedom and the instincts of the animal but also be able to do all the modern and intelligent things humans do – I would be utterly delighted. Right at the front line of those books at the moment is the Woodwalker series by Katja Brandis. I would happy to switch with any of the students at the Clearwater High, no matter what animal I’d turn out to be at the end. (If you have recommendations for books with animal shapeshifters that would be great.)

Cassidy Blake from City of Bones series

I mean, I wouldn’t really wanna almost-die, that’s not the experience I’m looking for here. ๐Ÿ˜€ But I think it would be kinda cool to look behind the veil. And mostly I think I would have loved to spend my holidays exploring big strange cities when I was a kid. (We did a lot of camping which is nice every now and then but I’m not really a fan of the sea to be honest.)

Caspar or Smudge from The Unmapped Chronicles

I mean, come on. Drizzle hags, snow trolls, miniature dragons, talking monkeys, real dragons, harpies, cloud giants, lofty husks, trees that give you excuses… how does that not sound like fun to you? I would love to spend a week in the Unmapped Kingdoms, in any of them. I would totally go on this adventure. No matter how dangerous. All those marvels would be totally worth it.

Some random Ravenclaw

Look, I wouldn’t want to switch with the Golden Trio, I really wouldn’t. But I would totally switch with some random Ravenclaw to have a day of lessons or a feast in the Great Hall. I would venture the Great Lake, wave to the Kraken and go to Quidditch practice. I think I would make a good Beater. ๐Ÿ˜€

As a bonus I thought I would turn this around as well. Seriously though, there are also characters I definitely WOULDN’t want to trade places with. Some just make it abundantly clear that nope, you wouldn’t want to be in their shoes and that you are pretty happy to be were you are right now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Katniss from the Hunger Games

This one is pretty much a given. No, I would not want to live in Panem and I would not want to have to volunteer as tribute instead of my siblings.

  • Kaz Brekker form Six of Crows

I mean, sure Grisha and Heists and friends and everything but seriously? Constantly worrying if somebody decides to stab me in the back? Never really knowing if I can trust the ones around me? Thank you but no, thank you.

  • Gregor from the Underland Chronicles

I mean, sure, the idea of a whole land under New York is thrilling and interesting but in the end I would not want to trade places with Gregor. He didn’t want to be the one of the prophecy, he didn’t want to be responsible for so much stuff. The story, the adventure was great to read from the outside but on the inside? Terrifying! In a way I would only trade places with him if that would ensure that a twelfe-year-old didn’t have the weight of an entire world on his shoulders.

  • America from The Selection

I understand that the idea of having a chance to become royalty is enticing to some people, especially if they don’t have much and have to rub every penny together. But I wouldn’t want to be part of the selection. I would not want to marry a prince. I am fine where I am.

All in all I think that Childrens’ books make a better place to step into than others. More magic, more whimsy, less imminent death. Don’t you think?

What characters would you like to trade places with, even if it’s just for a few hours?

10 responses to “5 characters I would trade places with // and with characters I would definitely NOT

  1. Sophie @BewareOfTheReader

    Proud ravenclaw here so I totally agree! And …America for the dresses!

  2. Oh hai, it seems like this is my monthly reminder that I still somehow have NOT picked up City of Ghosts? I can’t even with myself. I’ll just … go put myself in time out now. I did finally get book two, though. And they look very pretty sitting on my shelf next to each other … not being read. xD

    A lot of these swaps sound fabulous! I still haven’t read The Land of Roar, but any world with dragons is obviously going to be a yes from me.

    WAIT. but if you swap places with Kaz, does that mean he’ll be here and I’ll have the opportunity to be BFF with Kaz freaking Brekker? Because I’m thinking you might need to be sacrificed for the greater good in this cases here, Mari. Sorry. ยฏ\_(ใƒ„)_/ยฏ

  3. I recently preordered Bridge of Souls after almost getting a heartattack when I saw that the paperback finally has a cover? It’s stunning and I love it and I just had to preorder it even though I never preorder anything. But it’s a spooky read and I’m sure you will make it this fall. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I also recently purchased Return to Roar which is equally stunning. I hope I will like what’s inside as well.
    Also, no. No. Nononononono. Und boidst di aufn Kopf stรถst. Not gonna switch with Kaz. Would you really abandon me in Ketterdam? Would you?

  4. oh gosh I used to want to be Katniss so much because I adore her, but now that i’m older and wiser I see what a HORRIBLE life she had. now I’m happy with the fact that the most dangerous thing I do is drink steaming tea in bed XD

    amazing post!!!

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