A glimpse into October // monthly goals, Readathons & more

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Hello, sweet peas!

My fingers are kinda numb and my brain tired but I’m determined to still write this post today, so it can go online on the first of October, how it should be. Look at me being all determined.

My goals for this month are rather similar to the goals of September but there are a few more buddy reads in the mix.

October Monthly Goals

Goal 1 – Read more books off the tbr

I mean, obviously!? My tbr is growing rather than getting smaller – which really shouldn’t come as a surprise – and I really wanna read some books off it. No new books. Just the books from the tbr. I really wanna focus on that this month. I might be jinxing it but How hard can it be?

Goal 2 – Do all the Buddy Reads

I have three (3) buddy reads planned this month!

With Sammie I’m gonna read City of Ghosts and Tunnel of Bones by Victoria Schwab. I have already read these books, so it’s gonna be a reread for me but I’m still stuck with my reviews, so it might be a good way to fresh up my memory. Also, I wanna be prepared for when the third book will finally be released at the beginnin of next year.

With @happymarysbooks I’m gonna read Agatha Christie’s Sad Cypress. I’ve had it on my tbr for some time and I’m looking forward to reading it with her.

Goal 3 – Chime in with the BOTM

Technically I’ve already read the book for our bookclub this month but I might still be nosey and annoying and give my opinion at every stage.

Goal 4 – Write at least five reviews

I’m adamant about this. I really wanna write more reviews for the books that I’ve read and I really wanna pull through this time. I’ve already done four for a month, five cannot be too hard, can it?


Not gonna join a readathon this month either but there are two I might wanna join in November. 😉

What are your plans for this month? Do you have a montly tbr? Any special books you wanna read?

3 responses to “A glimpse into October // monthly goals, Readathons & more

  1. Four to five reviews doesn’t sound too bad. I hope you’re able to check off all your goals!

    I’m joining the Ace Race readathon this month, which I’m very excited for 😊

    • Thank you so much! I already wrote the first review, so I hope I can manage. I’m wondering if it would be easier if I took notes when I read but I usually don’t stick to it.
      That Ace Race readathon sounds fun. Good luck with that. 😀

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