Hello, friends!

First of all, my name is Marion. I’m from Austria which lies smack in the middle of Europe, in case you didn’t know.

I love books, art and video games and enjoy cooking but can’t bake to save my life. I also love certain types of movies, am picky about TV-shows, am an absolute mountain girl. The sea is nice and all but I much prefer hard rockfaces, snowy peaks and endless trees where Spring creeps up from the valley and Autumn falls down from the tops.
I love animals and know an unhealthy amount about foxes, owls, bats and pineapples.

I also have my greatest love who will only be referred to as The Boyfriend™ because I’m peculiar that way. I don’t really like to have pictures of myself on the internet, which means you have to be satisfied with my stand-in and mascot, Kettu. But he’s cute and I think you will forgive me.

Who or what is Tirilu then?

Tirilu is my special place on the internet that I created many years ago.
I still worked in a bookstore back then and we were encouraged to write short reviews on little notes that would be put on the book covers to get people interested. And I liked doing it.
That’s why I made Tirilu. Sure, it’s not as professional as other blogs, has not as many views and I go awol from time to time. But I love my blog and I wouldn’t ever want to give it up.

Tirilu has undergone lots (and I mean LOTS) of (stylistic) changes over the years, latest in 2022 and in a way I guess it’s still under construction. Some of the reviews are not in the sortable archive yet which is admittedly a lot of work. But I will get there in the end. You know, patience is a virtue. But hey, if you are not the patient sort, there is always the search function. 😉

My blog used to be in German but since most of my work life and my personal life is basically in English, I decided to switch to English about three years ago. Nobody has complained that they don’t understand what I’m saying yet, so I think it’s fine.

Tirilu is mostly book reviews, discussions, lists and some of my privat life. Whatever I feel like sending out there into the big, wide world.

Where do I start?

Are you looking for something specific? Here is what I have to offer:

Or, if you are rather like long(ish) texts…