August wrap-up

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Hello, everybody!

Can you believe that the month is over already again? I mean not that I’m complaining. I’m kinda glad that August is over. I’m looking forward to September and autumn in general.

But first of all, I need to tell you about some stuff that happened:

♣️ People, you won’t believe it but I passed my driver’s test! 🎉🎉🎉 It’s the biggest thing that happened to me this month and I’m so happy that it’s finally over. I mean, okay, the next daring thing is that I have to drive a car without nobody actually sitting next to me, just me and my clutch and gas and break pedals and my gear stick and my steering wheel and let’s be honest it’s not any less frightening than before. Now everybody assumes that I actually know what I’m doing. Also, appartently I have no spacial awareness? I noticed that last Saturday at a parking garage. What even is steering?
The test itself didn’t take long but the waiting for it was nerve-wrecking. My appointment was at 10 o’clock and when it was finally my turn it was 12:30. There was no shade so I had a proper sunburn everywhere when I was done. But doesn’t matter. I’m super chuffed that I did it and passed at the first try. Yay! 🎉🎉🎉

♣️ I changed the URL of my blog! I don’t know if you noticed but I’ve got my own domain now –! It’s kinda cool. I also have troubles now to log into my site and keep messing up all my stats. I don’t know why WordPress does not recognise me after I’m already logged in but I’m sure I will figure it out eventually. 😅

♣️ I took part in my very first blog tour! Which was so great. I had so much fun begin part of this tour and reading the book and writing the review. I will definitely do that again! Here is the review in case you were wondering: Blogtour “The Beast & The Bethany”

Not as many as I read in July but I still got a lot done. I love how much I read at the moment and how much fun it actually is. Now if I was only able to review them all as well. 😅

📖physical copy
💥graphic novel
William Wenton & the luridium thiefBobbie PeersWilliam Wenton #1Middlegrade📱3⭐️William Wenton and the Luridium Thief by Bobbie Peers
Die Insel der Künstlichen KinderSimak BüchelProjekt Mimesis #1Middlegrade📖2⭐️Projekt Mimesis – Die Insel der künstlichen Kinder by Simak Büchel
Gefährliche GestaltenKatja BrandisSeawalker #1Middlegrade📱4⭐️Gefährliche Gestalten by Katja Brandis
Rettung für ShariKatja BrandisSeawalker #2Middlegrade📱4⭐️Rettung für Shari by Katja Brandis
Wilde WellenKatja Brandis Seawalker #3Middlegrade📱4⭐️Seawalkers (3). Wilde Wellen by Katja Brandis
Gregor the OverlanderSuzanne CollinsThe Underland Chronicles #1Middlegrade📱5⭐️Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins
Small SpacesKatherine ArdenSmall Spaces #1Middlegrade📱4⭐️Small Spaces by Katherine Arden
Aurora RisingJay Kristoff & Amie KaufmanAurora Cycle #1YA🎧4⭐️Aurora Rising by Amie Kaufman
Dead VoicesKatherine ArdenSmall Spaces #2Middlegrade📱4⭐️Dead Voices by Katherine Arden
The Tale of DesperauxKate DiCamilloChildrens Literature📖3⭐️The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo
The Beast and the BethanyJack Meggit-PhilippsMiddlegrade📱4⭐️The Beast and the Bethany by Jack Meggitt-Phillips
Gefährliche FreundschaftKatja BrandisWoodwalkers #2Middlegrade📱4⭐️Gefährliche Freundschaft by Katja Brandis
Jake Atlas and the Tomb of the Emerald SnakeRob Lloyd JonesJake Atlas #1Middlegrade📱3⭐️Jake Atlas and the Tomb of the Emerald Snake by Rob Lloyd Jones

Seriously, I think I need to do the same thing like I did in July. I’m gonna make a post on its own for my new books. Can you hear the sigh? I’ve aquired too many again. I really gotta put a lid on it. It’s just so hard, especially when there are so many ebooks that are not even that expensive…

But if you are interested what books actually found a new home on my tbr, you should totally check out my post about my July haul here.

You know, at some point I will have so many posts in this part. Really. I promise. 😂

Review “Small Spaces”

Review “Shadowsmith”

Blogtour “The Beast & The Bethany”

Let’s be honest – because this is a place of honesty and I’m not just using this phrase because I keep forgetting that I already used it a paragraph ago. I have not written many posts in August. I had so much to study and so much to do and half of the month was not that great. But maybe September will be my month? Hopefully?

5 characters I would trade places with // and with characters I would definitely NOT

I was much more active on Twitter and Instagram (hopefully), I think. If you’re not following me yet, what are you doing? 😁

I think that was it. Phew. Seems like my wrap-up posts look different every time. I really need a spredsheed or something.

How was your month? What have you been reading? Do you know any of the books on my list?

3 responses to “August wrap-up

  1. Amazing Wrap Up, I love how organized you are 😍✨ & congratulations on all your personal accomplishments and of your blog in August, that’s wonderful. ❤️
    I hope you have a great September 😊

  2. Congrats on passing your driving test! I was an incredibly nervous driver when I first passed, but I’ve been driving for four and a half years now and I’m so glad it’s a skill I have–once you find a car that you’re comfortable in, you’ll be just fine. 😀

    I keep hearing such good things about Katherine Arden’s Middle Grade horror, I need to check them out!

    • Thank you so much! I have to admit driving is still daunting for me. I love our car and I know it has many features that keep me safe. It’s just so daunting somehow. I don’t really feel in control while driving but I guess that goes away with practice. 🙂
      And yeah, you should totally try out Katherine Arden’s Small Spaces. It’s very atmospheric. 🙂

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