Beat the backlist-Challenge

Hello, sweet peas!

Do you remember that I told you I would enter a six-month Book Buy Ban? Do you remember that I told you how my tbr was growing over my head, slowly encasing me with its stacks for me to be never seen again? (If you don’t, see here for all the gory details. 😉 )

Well, at this point, Austine from the Novelnight came just at the right time. There is a year-long reading challenge going on that I was only dimly aware of – BEAT THE BACKLIST. The link will take you straight to the main page and tell you all about what you need to know about this challenge. (I’m really, really impressed with how they put this up. Really. It’s pretty amazing. )

I have made up a shelf I am naming “Joel” on Goodreads that is dedicated to these books. I’m actually really looking forward to reading these and hope I can stay on track.

TitleAuthorSeriesYear publishedGenreRead
Black CoffeeChristie, AgathaHercule Poirot #45,51998Mystery
Blut des Olymps, DasRiordan, RickHelden des Olymp #52014Middlegrade
BöslandAichner, Bernhard2018Thriller
CogheartBunzl, PeterThe Cogheart Adventures #12016Middlegrade✔️
Coldest Girl in Coldtown, TheBlack, Holly2013YA
Curse so dark and lonely, AKemmerer, BridgitCursebreakers #12019YA
Dark Lord of DerkholmJones, Diana WynneDerkholm #11998Fantasy
Dark Vault, TheSchwab, Victoria2018YA
Doctor Who: Timelord FairytalesRichards, Justin2015Fantasy
DrachenreiterFunke, CorneliaDrachenreiter #11997Middlegrade
End of DaysEe, SusanPenryn & the end of days #32015YA
Every hidden thingOppel, Kenneth2016YA
Fiend in Need, AThomson, JamieDark Lord #22012Middlegrade
Golden Specific, TheGrove, S.E.Mapmaker Trilogy #22015YA
Haus des Hades, DasRiordan, RickHelden des Olymp #42013Middlegrade
Jane EyreBronte, Charlotte1847Classic
Last Dragon, TheRiley, JamesThe Revenge of Magic #22019Middlegrade
Little WomenAlcott, Luisa May1869Classic
Lost Compass, TheRoss, Joel NThe Fog Diver #22016Middlegrade
Mord im GurkenbeetBradley, AlanFlavia de Luce #12009Mystery
Mord im OrientexpressChristie, AgathaHercule Poirot #101934Mystery
NorthernlightsPullman, PhilippHis Dark Materials #11995Fantasy
Pick the plotRiley, JamesStory Thieves #42017Middlegrade
RenegadesMeyer, MarissaRenegades #12017YA
Sad CypressChristie, AgathaHercule Poirot #221940Mystery
ScytheShusterman, NealArc of a Scythe2016YA
Secret OriginsRiley, JamesStory Thieves #32017Middlegrade
Shadow and BoneBardugo, LeighGrisha #12012YA
Shadows of WinterspellWilson, Amy2019Middlegrade
Smell of other peoples houses, TheHitchcock, Bonnie-Sue2016Historical Fiction
Sparkling CyanideChristie, AgathaColonel Race #41944Mystery
WarcrossLu, MarieWarcross #12017YA
Stolen Chapters, TheRiley, JamesStory Thieves #22016Middlegrade
Story Thieves, TheRiley, JamesStory Thieves #12015Middlegrade
To kill a kingdomChristo, Alexandra2018YA
Tunnel of BonesSchwab, VictoriaCity of Ghosts #22019Middlegrade✔️
Und dann gab’s keines mehrChristie, Agatha1939Mystery✔️
UnwindShusterman, NealUnwind #12007YA
VengefulSchwab, VictoriaVicious #22018YA
ViciousSchwab, VictoriaVicious #12013YA
Von Sternen gekröntBenkauf, JenniferOne True Queen #12019YA
Where the Sidewalk endsSilverstein, Shel1974Poems
Worlds ApartRiley, JamesStory Thieves #52018Middlegrade
Things that go bump in the night squatBuckley, AndrewHair in all the wrong places #32018Middlegrade

There will be more. I just know it. For example I wanna do a buddy read of “Death on the Nile” by Agatha Christie and I wanna read even more Agatha Christie and probably also some books that I just forgot to put on the list and will franticly scramble to add, as soon as I have pressed the Publish button.

I will also do a lot of rereads because that’s something I do at the beginning of the year. I don’t even know why.

I have also decided to try myself at the Beat the Backlist bingo. The big one. Since I wanna read 80 books this year anyway. And because go big or go and cry in a corner, right?

I hope I can do all of those. I’m seriously hyped.