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Hey, guys!

It’s May, I still haven’t posted my Wrap-up AGAIN and at this point I’m just ready to give up on it. But it’s also May, my birthday is in a week and I have decided to turn Regular May into Middlegrade May! Yay! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Although we all know that I’m basically rubbish with sticking to a monthly tbr I’ve decided to take part in the Believ in the Impossible Readathon on twitter after I saw it at Catarina @ Pages & Plots.
It’s really super cute and like it’s made for me. Basically it means that you are joining the quest to the stronghold and finish it by reading Middlegrade and Children’s books! Isn’t that grand?

There are three different paths you can take, which are determined by reading prompts. There is a Google Doc, if you are interested.

This is the map.

This will be the path that I am taking:

Start at the Poacher’s Pocket Inn – Read the first book in a series!

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I have decided to finally release Cogheart by Peter Bunzl from my tbr. It has been there for far too long and I think it might be the start of a beautiful journey.

The Wonderfalls – Read a book featuring a disability!


Song for a whale by Lynne Kelly might be the only contemporary Middlegrade book on any of my stacks. But not only the cover is gorgeous, I’m pretty sure the story is as well.

The Deepwoods – Read a book that was published before 2000!


I guess it’s finally time to read Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke. It was published in 1997. I don’t even know why I’ve been putting it off – Cornelia Funke is one of my favourite authors of all time.

The next one is actually really hard. I have three options and I would love to read something for all of those.

The Brolly Rail – Read a book featuring transportation or has transportation on the cover!
Orion Found – Read a sci-fi book/a book related to space!
Black Ice Bride – Read a book featuring an expedition or an adventure!

Let’s be honest, they all sound really cool. I think I will decide that on a whim when I get there.

Last but not least: The book-keeper’s stronghold – Read the next book in a series!

Again, I have a few options here. But I might read


The Lost Compass by Joel Ross is the sequel to The Fog Diver by Joel Ross. πŸ˜‰ I think it’s time to read it. Or maybe I will pick something else. I don’t know yet.

I’m really looking forward in taking part in this readathon and to knock some books off my tbr. I hope I will get there.

Here is the tweet btw.

So what do you think? Could this be your thing?

7 responses to “Believe in the Impossible Readathon

  1. This is such a nice readathon! Good luck with all your choices, I think I need to read more middle grade so I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on whether you liked these or not!

    • Thank you! Knowing me, I will probably rearrange everything in the end. But it’s just for the fun of it and I’m happy to take part. πŸ™‚

  2. This sounds SO FREAKING CUTE, and if I didn’t have so many things going on already, I would’ve joined. I’m going to make a note to hopefully do it next year, because who doesn’t need more reasons to read MG? Pffft.

    Oooh, I’d never heard of The Dragon Rider! Look at that cover! Look at the dragons. Yeeees. I need to add that one to my TBR, for sure.

    • I’m afraid I will have to spread that readathon over the whole month instead of two weeks because, well, I’m me. I will never ever be able to read five books in two weeks, I’m sad to say.
      Have you ever read anything by Cornelia Funke? I absolutely adore her books. I’ve grown up with them but somehow Dragon Rider never quite jumped into my arms, you know. I will try and read it now. Cornelia Funke has this very special style somehow. I feel like it’s kinda melancholic and somehow feels like a forest smells when it’s raining, if you know what I mean?

      • The only thing of Funke’s I’ve ever tried was Inkheart, and I really didn’t like it. I’d be willing to try her again, though. What’s one Funke book you’d recommend I try, aside from that series? I know she’s got a lot, but that one just didn’t work for me.

        • Oh, too bad. Inkheart is one of my favourites. I got it for my 12th birthday years and years ago. I guess it’s a lot less whimsical and darker and more solemn than people anticipate. πŸ€” I liked Reckless as well – rather dark too – and, as my absolute favourite, The Thief Lord.

          • I think I probably would’ve liked it if I’d read it as a kid. I think it was one of those books that didn’t stand up to my adult brain, because I kept rolling my eyes about the “bad guys,” who didn’t really do anything bad except run their mouths lol. And the ridiculousness of the adults in that book. I can see why young kids would love it, though, but I didn’t pick it up until a couple years ago, and it was definitely a different experience.

            OMG! THE THIEF LORD! I lied. I totally read The Thief Lord. I forgot Funke even wrote that. xD I still have my copy, since it was one of my favorites when I was young. So see? I rest my case about how I probably would’ve loved Inkheart as a child haha.

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