Blogtour “Ghostlight” by Kenneth Oppel

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Blogtour "Ghostlight" by Kenneth Oppel

Blogtour “Ghostlight” by Kenneth OppelGhostlight by Kenneth Oppel
Published by Alfred A. Knopf Books on 06.09.2022
Genres: Middlegrade/Ghoststories
Pages: 400
Format: eBook
Source: Publisher

Rebecca Strand was just sixteen when she and her father fell to their deaths from the top of the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse in 1839. Just how they fell--or were they pushed?--remains a mystery. And their ghosts haunt the lighthouse to this day. . . .

Gabe tells this story every day when he gives the ghost tour on Toronto Island. He tries to make it scary enough to satisfy the tourists, but he doesn't actually believe in ghosts--until he finds himself face to face with Rebecca Strand.

The true story of her death is far more terrifying than any ghost tale Gabe has told. Rebecca reveals that her father was a member of the Order, a secret society devoted to protecting the world from "the wakeful and wicked dead"--malevolent spirits like Viker, the ghost responsible for their deaths. But the Order has disappeared, and Viker's ghost is growing ever stronger.

Now Gabe and his friends must find a way to stop Viker before they all become lost souls. . . .

4.5 Stars

I was born in Port Alberni, a mill town on Vancouver Island, British Columbia but spent the bulk of my childhood in Victoria, B.C. and on the opposite coast, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. At around twelve I decided I wanted to be a writer. I started out writing sci-fi epics then went on to swords and sorcery tales and then, during the summer holiday when I was fourteen, started on a humorous story about a boy addicted to video games. 

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Hello, sweetpeas!

I will not beat around the bush and tell you all about my absence, I’m gonna do that in a different post. I just want to thank TBR and Beyond tours and the publisher for this eArc. And don’t forget to check out the other posts in this blogtour!

I am a simple girl. I see Kenneth Oppel, I read it. I’ve loved his books for a long time and I definitely had to jump on the opportunity to read his newest MG novel. And I can say that from the first sentence onward, I absolutely loved it.

Rebecca Strand was sixteen the first time she saw her father kill a ghost.

Isn’t that a great way to start? The beginning chapters – from Rebecca’s perspective – gripped me tightly and they flowed nicely into the rest of the story that was mostly seen from Gabe’s perspective.

I already knew that I liked Kenneth Oppel’s writing style from previous books and I positively devoured – yes, to all that have already read the book, that is a pun – the story.

The whole book is a mystery, a riddle to be solved, an adventure to chase with high stakes and a wonderful creepy atmosphere. I never found it too far off, too gory or tasteless, it was just full of mystery and spookiness, with action and dread in the mix.

“The mystery was never solved”, he went on. “But since that fateful night in 1839, some people say they can see the lamp flickering, and the shadow of Rebecca Strand on the catwalk.”

I really liked the characters. From Gabe and Rebecca and their interesting communication, to Yuri who is the skeptic of the group to Callie who runs a ghost blog and is distantly related to Rebecca. I liked them all and their different views of the topic of ghosts.

Viker is a great bad guy, cunning and vicious and I liked the few bits that lets us see into his mind.

“Give me your rage!”, Viker shouted. “And from its furnace we will forge an army so great that we will take the life from all the living.”

I felt thoroughly entertained by this book. It had charisma, it had mystery, it had funny bits and terrifying bits. I love Kenneth Oppel’s writing and this has just cemented my love for it. I would definitely recommend Ghostlight to people who like spooky books and hope that many of you get to read it.

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Thank you for reading! What do you think?

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  • Do you believe in ghosts?
4.5 Stars

3 responses to “Blogtour “Ghostlight” by Kenneth Oppel

  1. Ooooh, I haven’t read a Kenneth Opal book yet, but I’ll be picking up this one this week. I’m so looking forward to it now! That first line is chef’s kiss. I’m definitely looking forward to starting this one now. 😀

    • I LOVE Kenneth Oppel’s books. Ever since I read Silverwing when I was a little girl. That book made me love bats and until today I refuse to read the last book in the series because I don’t want it to end. You might also try the Matt Cruse books. They are YA but soooo good.
      Now that you’re saying it, I might have to reread them all.

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