Goals for July and a new Possibility Pile

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Hello, my lovlies!

It’s the beginning of July and you know what that means. Time to set some (un)achievable goals and a new pile of books that I might read. Without further ado:

Goals for July

Goal 1 – Read and review the rest of the eArcs

I currently have three eArcs that are waiting to be read or to be reviewed. That’s doable, right? Granted, one of those I’ve had since April but some things just take their time, you know? I’m sure I’m gonna get it done at some point.

Goal 2 – Read at least 5 books from the tbr

Yes. Usually I say, read at least 3 but this month I really wanna know it. My tbr has climed to at least 250 books which, at my current rate, means that I would be able to read them all in two and a half years, IF I would not add any books to them which, if we’re being honest, is never gonna happen.

Goal 3 – Read the bookclub book

I really want to read it and take part in the discussions this time. Last month I somehow didn’t manage it but this month I really want to give it my best. The book is “The girl who could speak bear” by Sophie Anderson.

Goal 4 – Don’t make too many goals

I think I can already tick that off? No blogging goals for me this month, let’s see how I fare with that.

The Possibility Pile

Explorer Academy #3 The Double Helix by Trudi Trueit. I have put this one up a couple of times but never actually finished it. Maybe July is the month where I manage to read it.

The Girl who speaks Bear by Sophie Anderson. It’s the BOTM for the bookclub! I’m absolutely determined to read this book this time with my pals.

The Dragon Warrior by Katie Zhao. Have I told you that I love Middlegrade books that have Asian mythology in them? Yes? Then you know why I want to read it. It took actually quite some time to be delivered. I had the second book in the series for two months until Dragon Warrior finally arrived.

Owl and the Lost Boy by Amy Wilson. I’m really looking forward to that and have kind of said to myself that I want to read all of the Amy Wilson books before her next novel “Lightning Falls” comes out.

The Girl in Wooden Armour by Conrad Mason. The one eArc I’ve had for literal months and that I really need to finish. The thing is, that it’s really good and I like it but I keep putting it down and forgetting it.

Die Chroniken von Mistle End #2 Die Jagd beginnt by Benedict Mirow. I really liked the first book. I’m just kinda worried that this one suffers from sequel-syndrome and I then have to wait for the third book to come out which is sometime at the end of the year.

As you see I’ve been really cautious with my goal this month because I really have no sense of what’s coming. Really, no idea. But I hope I will read at least some of the books I put on the possibility pile and that I won’t fall behind on my overall Goodreads goal for the year. I also wanna focus more on other hobbies and finally relearn how to play the piano and spend as much time with my love and my family. I’m just planning to make that month really good, you know?

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    • Thank you so much, Cherelle! I really love MG books that have mythology and especially learning about all kinds of Asian mythology. It’s so interesting. I recently read Girl Giant and the Monkey King and it was just sooooo good.

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