July wrap-up

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Hello, sweet peas!

Am I late again with my wrap-up? Yes. Yes, I am. Seriously, July was weird again and while I would love to talk to you about all the shit I was up to, I can’t really tell you. I feel like July was just so looooong, like eternally stretched. I was feeling rather bad mentally the last few weeks. I had panic attacks, was depressed and anxious and had really bad mood swings. I feel better now and really hope this isn’t coming back.

I don’t know if it had anything to do with it but July might have been my best reading month of all time. I got so much done, read so much and had so much fun. It even seems like that reading streak is continuing which really pleases me.

I also thought I might try something different this time. I think it’s a better overview. The link takes you to the goodreads page of the book.

Table of contents

📖physical copy
💥graphic novel
The Sea of MonstersRick Riordan, Robert VendittiPercy Jackson GN #2Middlegrade📱💥3⭐️The Sea of Monsters by Robert Venditti
The Titan’s CurseRick Riordan, Robert VendittiPercy Jackson GN #3Middlegrade📱💥3⭐️The Titan's Curse by Robert Venditti
The Demigod DiariesRick RiordanHeroes of Olympus #2.5Middlegrade📱3⭐️The Demigod Diaries by Rick Riordan
The Land of RoarJenny McLachlanMiddlegrade📖5⭐️The Land of Roar by Jenny McLachlan
Die geheime DrachenschuleEmily SkyeMiddlegrade🎧3⭐️Die geheime Drachenschule by Emily  Skye
The Battle of the LabyrinthRick Riordan, Robert VendittiPercy Jackson GN #4Middlegrade📱💥3⭐️The Battle of the Labyrinth by Robert Venditti
Feindliche SpurenKatja BrandisWoodwalkers #5Middlegrade📱4⭐️Feindliche Spuren by Katja Brandis
Tag der RacheKatja BrandisWoodwalkers #6Middlegrade📱4⭐️Tag der Rache by Katja Brandis
The JumbiesTracy BaptisteThe Jumbies #1Middlegrade 📱4⭐️The Jumbies by Tracey Baptiste
ShadowsmithRoss MacKenzieMiddlegrade 📱4⭐️Shadowsmith by Ross  MacKenzie
And then there were noneAgatha ChristieCrime/Mystery📖4⭐️And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie
Half-Minute HorrorsSusanne RichChildren’s fiction/Horror📱4⭐️Half-Minute Horrors by Susan  Rich
The Last Kids on EarthMax BrallierMiddlegrade📱2,5⭐️The Last Kids on Earth by Max Brallier
City of the BeastsIsabel AllendeJaguar & Aguila #1YA📖4⭐️City of the Beasts by Isabel Allende
Hair in all the wrong placesAndrew BuckleyHIATWP #1Middlegrade📖4⭐️Hair in All the Wrong Places by Andrew  Buckley

Erm, yeah. I went totally overboard again. I really gotta rein myself in. I don’t know. It’s just so easy to get a new book when there are ebook deals that give you books for 99ct and it’s so easy to just click and have a new book. My tbr is off the charts by now and I think I will do a bookhaul post for all the books I have bought in the last few weeks.

I wrote one review in July again. 😂

I haven’t read too many posts in July but there is one I am particularly proud of.

Middlegrade settings I will forever adore

What have you been up to lately? Did you read anything fun? Did you write some post you are particularly proud of?

8 responses to “July wrap-up

  1. I’m glad you’re feeling better now, and have had a great reading month. I loved The Land of Roar too and have Return to Roar. I see you have A Girl Called Owl – loved it!

    • I absolutely loved A Girl called Owl. I think I should reread it before the sequel is coming out. I’m so excited for Owl and the lost boy. 😀
      I ordered Return to Roar, it should arrive any day now. Have you read it yet? 🙂

  2. Oh no, sorry to hear that July wasn’t a good month for you mentally, but I am happy to hear you feel better now. Seems you had a great reading month, and I spy some great books on there, including some I still want to read (percy jackson, will I ever read it because I didn’t get to it during my vacation). Hope August is a great month for you!

    • Yeah, the last few weeks have not been fun but I feel better now and I hope it will stay that way. Thank you. <3
      And all the yesses for reading Percy Jackson. It's so much fun. One of my favourite book series of all time. 🙂

  3. Cheryl Malandrinos

    I imagine this pandemic doesn’t help with any of the issues and feelings your experiencing. I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better.

    You have a great list of books read. I haven’t read any of Percy Jackson, but my daughter has been telling me I should. Just so many other books I want to read, too. Hair in All the Wrong Places sounds good.

    Thanks for sharing your books.

    • Thank you, Sharon. The pandemic is not too much of a problem actually, it’s just everything else. But it’s gonna be fine, I hope.
      And your daughter is absolutely right, you should totally read Percy Jackson. The books are great. 🙂

  4. Oooh, I absolutely LOVE your new design for showing the books you read! I want to change mine, too, but … I’m so lazy. And that looks like work LOL. You got a lot of books read last month! I’m so impressed. I also really need to re-read City of the Beasts and finish the series. I started it in Spanish when I was in high school, so … that maybe gives you a clue of how long ago it was. Do I remember anything at all about the series? Mmm nope lol.

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