Mini-Review “The Menagerie” Trilogy

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Ever since I got the first book as an arc from a publisher years and years ago when I still worked at a bookshop, I’ve been in love with the Menagerie books. I reread them every year and they are the best remedy for any kind of reading slump. Even this year I binged through all of them in about a week without skipping anything. I just really love those books.

The Menagerie


The first book includes:

  • an amazing worldbuilding that sets the stage for this and the coming books that is so full of wonder and magic you cry at the end of it because you wanna be a part of it so hard
  • the mc Logan, whose mom left him and his dad via postcard a couple of months ago and who still hasn’t made any friends at the new school
  • the other mc Zoe, who seems like a hot mess to everybody and has too many things to worry about
  • a litter of super adorable and super secret griffin babies, unfortunately all loose in the small town of Xanadu
  • a mammoth, an arsonist phoenix, a pair of snobby unicorns and the worlds most obnoxious goose
  • a search and rescue mission with lots of secrets, close calls and other mysteries to solve
  • lots and lots of chores
  • and the beginning of a beautiful friendship

The Menagerie – Dragon on trial


The second book includes:

  • a murder case
  • dragons, their claws and their toothbrushes
  • government agencies with too many check lists
  • a night in the woods
  • glitter
  • werecreatures galore
  • sabotage
  • and a very popular Halloween party

The Menagerie – Kraken and lies


Book three includes:

  • A kraken, duh
  • almost-death by basilisk
  • memory wipes, so many memory wipes
  • mermaids on strike
  • even more sabotage
  • abductions (plural)
  • restored friendships
  • and there might be a happy end in there somewhere

There are so many reasons to love this series. Besides the aforementioned world building of magical realism, it also has an amazing set of characters. Be it Logan or Zoe, their friend Blue or the whole litter of griffin cubs – every single character has their own unique personality which makes everything so much more real and also so much more fun.

Another thing I loved is how the books are built up. While there are three books, the story threads almost seamless through them and can be read one for one or just in one go. (Which I recommend. Because awesome.) At the same time they are structured a little bit like murder mysteries, with clues earlier in the story that make sense afterwards and can be picked up if you’re paying attention while reading. I always found that great fun.

Friendship and family is a big theme in these books and I was so happy to not only see the friendships and trust blossom but also to witness some great parent-child relationships. It’s something you unfortunately rarely see in books – well, it often gets in the way of adventure of course – so I was even more delighted to see some proper portrayal of good parenting and sibling representation.

All in all The Menagerie books are full of fun and friendship and magic and adventure. I so very highly recommend them and hope more people will read them.

10 responses to “Mini-Review “The Menagerie” Trilogy

  1. Uh … wait. Back up. The only one I don’t have of this series has DRAGONS?! Why don’t I have this? What sort of cosmic joke is this?! These mini reviews are amazing. There’s so much to look forward to in this series. That’s it, you’ve sold me. I’m reading this series sooner rather than later. It must be good, if you love it so much. I’m looking forward to it. xD

    • Oh, you do! You should! You most definitely should. Get that second book soon, because I know from experience that to wait between them is rather terrible. They are so lovely. I hope you’ll enjoy them too. <3

      • I was actually able to find this from one of the Overdrives I have access to! Which now that I say that … I realize how nerdy it is to have access to multiple Overdrives. But eh, whatever, I’ve got access to book two and this is gonna happen!

        • Yay! I’m so excited for you! Keep me updated. I mean it! <3 Also, I…have no idea what an overdrive is? I suspect it has something to do with libraries?

          • Really? I didn’t know there were libraries who don’t have one. My library is too small for our own, so we’re bundled into a state one. Maybe there’s a nearby library that has one that you can sign up for?

          • Yeah, I did some research. Turns out while it’s very prominent in the US the only place in my whole country who has it is the capital and since that’s about 500 km away and you need a library card…
            There is a thing here apparently, that’s similar called Onleihe – which is a pun on “online” and “leihen” which means to loan – but guess whose town doesn’t have that? It’s really a joke considering that I live in the district capital and we are a college town. Ah. No reason to be annoyed, I guess. I still have so many books on my tbr…

          • Aw man, that’s a real shame. =/ Is there some sort of out-of-district card the capital has? I obviously don’t know how it works in your country, but in the US, you can get out-of-state cards for some of the bigger libraries to access their Overdrive (I have one). Maybe a district has that for Onleihe? Though, then again, all that’s come of my out-of-state Overdrive is a new place to hold a ridiculous TBR that I haven’t even scratched the surface of, so maybe I give bad advice. xD

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