Monthly Goals for June and the Possibility Pile

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Good morning, my friends!

Looks different here, huh? What do you think? 😁 I have to admit, I’m still not sure about the background but maybe I’ll just have to get used to it. I had two different kinds of background and I was just not really sure what to choose.

Anyway, I think it’s time to put some goals down for this month.

Goals for June

🦊 Goal 1 – Read and review eArcs/blogtour books

I might have requested some blogtour books a while ago and didn’t realize that they are all due in June. Oops. Now I have to read some books and write some blogposts and that’s why I’m sure that I’ll get some stuff done this month.

🦊 Goal 2 – Read at least 3 books from the tbr

I mean, as I said, I have a lot of blogtour books to read but I still want to read at least three books from my tbr. At present I have over 230 books on my tbr and I really need to get to that.

🦊 Goal 3 – Carry the book boxes down to the cellar

I sorted out some books last month and there are still some that are not in the right condition to sell them and since they got rid of the trading shelf when Covid started, I can’t take them there either. I don’t want to put them in the trash, so I packed them in a box and am gonna carry them downstairs for storage.

🦊 Goal 4 – Read a book with a LGBTQ+ character

Since it’s Pride month I wanna read at least one book with a LGBTQ+ main character. I haven’t decided which one yet though.

🦊 Goal 5 – Finish making the blog shiny and new

I mean, when this blog goes online then there is already a lot done. But there are some bits and ends that I still wanna make better and I hope by the end of the month it’s all done. Even the things I might have overlooked right now.

The Possibility Pile

🦊 Girl Giant and the Monkey King by Van Hoang. Actually, I have already started it and I’m so in love with it. My heart breaks for Thom and I’m weary of the Monkey King and I just want everything to be alright for Thom. I hope she grows into her powers instead of getting rid of them but we’ll see how this all turns out.

🦊 The Adventure is now by Jess Redman. I think this is gonna be a “live in the moment and be aware of the things around you” type of book. And I’m all here for it. I can’t wait to dive into this.

🦊 Die Chroniken von Mistle End – Die Jagd beginnt. While I prefer English books nowadays, I’ve fallen in love with this German Middlegrade. It’s about a village that is the last refuge of supernaturals high up in the north. And while it’s full of witches, elves and werewolves, it also has druids or gargoyles which is something you don’t see every day. This is the second book and I’m dying to know how the story continues.

🦊 Elephants can remember by Agatha Christie. It has Ariadne Oliver in it. ‘nough said.

🦊 The last fallen star by Gracie Kim. I got this one for my birthday, like an actual physical book instead of a voucher. And it’s a Rick Riordan book. I’m so hyped and can’t wait to read it.

🦊 The Edge of Strange Hollow by Gabrielle K. Byrne. I saw this at Dini’s Blog and was enchanted. I’m really curious about this one. Oh, magical forests and creatures. It’s gonna be so cool.

What are your goals for this month? Do you have a tbr or even a possibility pile? Do you know any of the books on my list?

8 responses to “Monthly Goals for June and the Possibility Pile

  1. Well, good luck with all your goals! I also have a couple of arcs that I need to get to this month and I’m planning to redesign a few things for my blog as well! I like how your new design is so colorful, though, I also loved your old one, it was quite a calming combination of colors tbh.

    I don’t know how you were planning to sell them, but have you tried selling them online through an instagram account? (or a local used goods online platform?)
    I’ve sold some of mine that were in less than great condition online this year (showing pictures of all the dents and whatnot), and some still got sold! I put a low price for those, but my prices were pretty low in general. I just wanted to get rid of some books! and I even ended up donating some that weren’t selling to my local library.

    • Thank you so much, Rafaela! Lately I thought that the old design was just too cold somehow, a bit too much all over the place. I’m happy with how it turned out now, even though I’m a bit worried if it’s too bright when you look at it too long. I think I have just worked on it to long now, that I can’t really tell anymore. 😅

      The rest of the books I have are mostly arcs from my bookseller times. They are a bit different from the regular arcs and you can’t really sell them. I would usually take them to a trade shelf but they have taken it down. I think for the time being they are fine in the box.

      I wish you good luck with you redesign and your arcs. You can do it! 🎉🎉

  2. I can’t get over how cuuuuute the new blog is! I still need to read The Edge of Strange Hollow, too. I hope you enjoy The Last Fallen Star! When you pick that up, you’ll have to DM me your thoughts, because I’m super curious if you’ll have a similar experience reading it as I did. xD

    • Thank you so much, Sammie! I’m so happy with my new design. And my little fox. He might be even cuter than a dragon. *wink wink*
      I will definitely send you all my thoughts about The Last fallen Star. I’m so curious about it. And I still think you should read Giant Girl and the Monkey King. It just gets better and better. Also, I guess I can tell you because it’s not really a spoiler, there is a dragon in there. Convinced yet? 😉

  3. The blog looks great! (I followed Sammie here from Twitter, so I don’t know what it looked like before but it looks good now. 😉 )

    I love your possibility pile, it has such a more positive sound than “TBR list.” Girl Giant and the Monkey King and The Last Fallen Star both sound so good, and I hope I can get to reading them soon, too!

    • That is so sweet of you, thank you. I had it all in bluish tones before but I thoght it was time for something more warm and sunny. 😉

      I absolutely love Girl Giant and the Monkey King and can’t wait to read The Last fallen Star. I’m just a bit slow with reading at the moment. I hope you’ll get to them soon too. 🙂

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