Monthly Mini Reviews – let’s take it up a notch

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Hi, guys!

I’m almost late but it’s time for Monthly Mini-Reviews! It’s a tradition now, I’ve done it once. 😂
I meant to write this yesterday but I was so tired after work that I couldn’t do it anymore. (Also, I just discovered that I can use some kind of emoji-keyboard on this Windows computer? Never knew. 🐱‍🚀)

By the time this is done, it’s already June now. I think I failed.

Okay, enough chitchat, time to write some reviews! And hey, there are even four of them this time!

The Seat Filler by Sariah Wilson

I had never heard of Sariah Wilson before but the premisis of the book sounded nice, so I got it as a quick read in between.

A quick read it was, thanks to a nicely flowing writing style and great dialogues. I think the dialogues between the two main characters was what I liked best – full of banter and snark. I really enjoyed that.
Of course there is no reason to expect too much depth – the story was rather predictable – but I enjoyed the time I spent with this book.

There was only one thing that I didn’t quite like which was that the ending felt kind of rushed. There were still things that I thought needed to be wrapped up that didn’t get closure and it felt like the author wanted to do something else with those plotpoints but ran out of time.
Nevertheless, I liked the book and would recommend it if you are looking for a quick, enjoyable romance. Oh, and there are dogs, by the way.


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The Ex-Talk by Rachel Lynn Solomon

The premisis sounded nice here, like something different, since I have no idea what actually going on inside a radio station. (Not that I listen to a lot of radio anyway.)

Unfortunately, I was rather disappointed. While the aspect of the radiostation was very interesting, I just couldn’t warm up to the main characters, Shay and Dominic. There was too much unnessasary thirsting and not enough banter for my taste. I can’t really say that I thought they had a lot of chemistry either.
There was Jewish representation which was interesting since I don’t see that much in books and I loved the background story about Shay’s mother and her new fiancé. There were good bits in that book but in the end, I didn’t enjoy the read too much.


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Gamer Squad – Attack of the Not-So-Virtual Monsters by Kim Harrington

I really enjoyed this one! The book centers around a Pokemon Go like mobile game where the players catch monsters until a power surge releases some of the monsters into the real world.
Let’s be honest here, I would be thrilled if somehow my Pokemon from the game would be transported into the real world and I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The thrill, the danger, the friendship, the fun. It was a fast read and I really rooted for the characters.


4,5 foxes

Where there’s a will by Beth Corby

This is the first book by Beth Corby as far as I know and the first one I’ve read. And let me tell you, it might just be that Beth Corby will become one of my auto-buy authors. I really enjoyed myself while reading it.
I think what I like best is that it’s not complicated or pretentious. It’s not all about love, it also is about Hannah’s character development, how she learns to stand up for herself. I loved the glimpses you get into Uncle Donald’s life. While reading his letters I felt like grieving for him myself, for wishing I had gotten to know him better.
There is drama in there but not overly so, and most has to do with Hannah’s overbearing family.
I loved the tasks Donald set for Hannah, the people she meets and even Alec, even though he is grumpy and judgemental at the beginning.


4,5 foxes

This took longer than I would have wanted it too. I still have so many posts to write and am hopelessly behind. Anyway, do you know any of these books? Got curious?

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