My Reading & Blogging Goals for 2021 // better late than never

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Hello, sweet peas!

Well. Yeah. I mean, I know that it’s the beginning of February. I know. I should have made this list with goals a month ago. I KNOW! But hey, sometimes stuff is just in the way and I was also contemplating not making a list of goals at all and I’m not even sure if I will remember these goals next week. But HEY. Better late than never, right?

Reading Goals

πŸ“š Read 100 books. Since I’ve actually managed to beat my Reading Goal of 80 books last year by a lot, I thought I could go all in this year and really put down 100 books as a reading goald for 2021. I really hope that I can make it and that last year wasn’t a one-off. I love the idea of all those stories that I could read in a year.

πŸ“š Read but don’t stress. Just because I wanna read 100 books doesn’t mean that I want to read myself to death. Even though that might just be the way to go. I want to enjoy my reading and not treat it as a chore.

πŸ“š Read at least 50 books off the tbr. Let’s face it. My tbr is humongous. I lovingly call her Alice. There are so many books on those stacks, I probably don’t even know what is on there on a smaller scale. Whenever I look at my Goodreads or Story Graph shelves, I’m surprised to find a book on the tbr that I completely forgot about. Which is sad, since once upon a time I was probably really excited about getting it. So I want to read at least 50 books off the tbr or even some backlist books, I haven’t decided yet.

πŸ“š Finish a couple of series. I do have a lot of unfinished series. Books where I foolishly bought the whole series, even though I haven’t read the first book yet or where I read the first book and foolishly thought, hey, let’s buy the other 4 as well. While I know that it is sometimes hard to let go of a beloved series, I think it’s time that I finish some of the series I have at home.

πŸ“š Read books from different genres. I think it might be time to get out of my comfort zone. I have read a lot of Middlegrade books last year and that’s great! Nothing wrong with that. I still think that I should probably read some books in different genres to broaden my horizons or to just get them off my tbr. I have some in mind, so please ask me about them, so I actually have to answer to somebody if I don’t read them. πŸ˜‚

πŸ“š Don’t buy more books that I can read. It’s sad and probably a common problem that many bookworms share, but I buy way more books that I can read in a year. I don’t wanna make my tbr rise and rise and I think besides a few exceptions I really don’t want to buy too many books this year. She says while conveniently forgetting that she already bought ten books this year.

Blogging Goals

πŸ–‹ Reach 650 followers on my blog Tirilu. Maybe you don’t know about this but I have 499 followers on my blog so far. That’s epic! I love you guys and I hope you enjoy my posts and will continute to read them and comment and have good conversations with me.

πŸ–‹ Write more reviews. I mean, I think I’ve come a long way. My reviews mostly have a great format and while there might always be something to improve, I think I’m on a great path. If you can think of something that I can improve with my reviews (formatting, content, etc.), don’t hesitate to tell me because I’m always trying to improve.

πŸ–‹ Post more regularly on Bookstagram. I have been trying to revamp my bookstagram account gradually and I have decided not to stress anymore about posting every day. Every other day or two to three times a week has to do. While I enjoy it, I also find Bookstagram a little overwhelming lately and a lot of work, so I try to not overdo it.

πŸ–‹ Answer comments and bloghop. I’m guilty of this. I’m really bad a bloghopping, especially lately. I know that there are a lot of great posts out there and that all of them deserve to be read and to be commented on but sometimes it’s just hard to do that with more than two or three at one time, so I have been slacking. I do want to be better at it though, because I also want my posts to do well and I know how happy your comments make me, so I wanna return the curtesy.

πŸ–‹ Write more discussion posts. I really love discussion posts but I’m rather bad at it, I fear. Well, maybe not bad, but I always have trouble coming up with ideas and that’s something I want to improve on. If you have ideas or tipps, don’t hesitate to tell me!

You have probably already made your goal list for the year but tell me about them anyway or link them in your comment! What are your goals? What do you think of mine?

6 responses to “My Reading & Blogging Goals for 2021 // better late than never

  1. My goal is 100 books too and I’m also trying to branch out to make sure I keep redding some adult fiction alongside my MG faves. And I feel you on the tbr problems – so many books, so little time!

    • I’m still gonna be faithful to my MGs though. Especially in these times you need some MG goodness, right? πŸ˜€ I’m sure we’re gonna make our goals. <3

      • Definitely!! I’m aiming for at least one adult and one YA a month amongst the MG. If I grt more in, that’s great, if not it’ll keep my toe in at least!
        We are totally going to reach our goals!

  2. Read yourself to death! It beats the alternative! (By which I mean your TBR rising up and smothering you in your sleep, of course).

    Oof, that buying more books than you can read thing, though. I feel so called out! That’s one I’m going to really try to do this year, too, despite struggling a lot with it last year.

    Also, bloghopping is haaard. By the time you finish your blog posts and responding to your comments, it’s sometimes exhausting to go visit a bunch of other blogs. Especially if you’re working on limited time. Bloghopping more is a great goal, but be kind to yourself, too, if you can’t always make it around. πŸ˜‰

    • I was feeling really cranky about all those books I have bought and spent money on and that I might never read. It was just greed, not really the need to read that book. I don’t want just to consume books, I want to actually read and enjoy them and it’s more likely that I will actually only read one or two of the five books that I bought. That’s just so much money that I could have saved and I’m angry at my own spending habits.

      Bloghopping IS hard. I know! I feel like it’s easier at the end of the month, when other people make lists of great posts that they found and I can just, you know, pretend that I’m good at bloghopping since I just have to go down that list. πŸ˜‰

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