Top Five Tuesday // Authors with P, Q, R, S, T

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Hello, sweet peas!

How is everyone doing? I can’t really say anything about how I’m doing, since I’m preparing this post on a Sunday. I’m just rather sure that the coming week will no better work-wise than last week, you know? So better be prepared or something. That’s the motto at the moment anyways. 😅

Top Five Tuesday is a meme hosted by Shana @ Bionic Book Worm. Here you get to the March Topics in case you wanna join.

P like Ottfried Preußler


Ottfried Preußler was a genius author. I think Krabat was the only book I’ve read in school I ever liked. Preußler’s writing is kinda old-timey and has this feel of a simpler time. The plot is never overly complicated but still complex. Books like “Krabat”, “Der RĂ€uber Hotzenplotz” or “A little Witch” accompanied me as I grew up and I still like to read those books from time to time.

Q like Matthew Quick


I’m pretty sure Matthew Quick will show up quite often on the lists today. I don’t know any other authors with Q, so this is what you get. I have read and watched “Silver Linings Playbook” and I quite liked it. I also have a postcard of a promotion for – I think – “The Good Luck of right now” which basically says: If you’re not a little crazy then who is supposed to recognize the normal people? 😅

R like Rick Riordan


Okay. Who here seriously thought I would bring any other author than Rick Riordan? I absolutely adore his books. They are full of adventures, sass, fun and mythology. I’ve always been interested in mythology. Heck, I chose Greek Mythology as part of my A levels. (Okay, I might not give you the eyebrow if you guessed I would pick JK Rowling. Harry Potter has had an huge impact on my childhood as well. But still.)

S like V.E. Schwab

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I do have a lot of books by Victoria (VE) Schwab. I do. But I have only read a few of them. I sometimes just have trouble get into those books which is a shame because the premise is always so intriguing. The Archived was the first book by her I have read. It was kinda a gateway drug for me. I guess I’m just still looking in her other books for what I found in The archived.

T like Laini Taylor

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What I admire about Laini Taylor is that she really knows how to pace her books. I remember that I was first irritated and then surprised and then very pleased when I noticed that there was a special difference between the first and second book of the “Daughter of Smoke and Bone” trilogy. The writing just fit the plot. I don’t know any other way to describe it and I’m afraid I’m doing a rather poor job. But that’s probably another reason why I’m working at an office and am not a writer.

So, do you know any of the authors or even the books on my list?

10 responses to “Top Five Tuesday // Authors with P, Q, R, S, T

  1. Laini Taylor is one of those authors I’ve been wanting to read for SO long! I wouldn’t be surprised if ‘Strange the Dreamer’ had grown roots on my wishlist… :’D
    Oh, and Krabat has also been a favourite read of mine during my childhood. Such a wonderful story!
    Hope you’re well! <3

    • Hey, Ida. 💛
      I’ve had Strange the Dreamer on my TBR for so long now and it’s kinda just lying there. I have started it a couple of times but I never got very far. Totally different was “Daughter of Smoke and Bone” for me, which sucked me in immediately. But I guess everybody is different. 💛

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