Top Five Tuesday – Bookish habits

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Hey, sweet peas!

I was sick at the end of last week which is always pretty weird to me. I’m so rarely sick, I never know what to do with myself and according to the boyfriend™ I’m a very bad because impatient patient. But he also promised me that I’m not gonna die of a little flu anytime soon, so I guess I’ll have to take his word for it.

It’s time for another week of Top Five Tuesday by The Bionic Book Worm. And today’s topic is:

Bookish habits

1- Bookmarks are memorials in unfinished books.

I have a lot of bookmarks. Not even very pretty ones, just a lot of them, collected from bookstores and libraries and onlineshops. And still I keep running out because I tend to start a lot of books. A new book, a new bookmark. But if the book fails to hook me, I’m rather quick with putting this book back on the shelf, with the bookmark tucked between the pages, like a memorial to show how far I got and when I put it away. And to show me where to continue reading should I pick up the book later.

2- Books. Books everywhere.

I have books in every room, in every nook and cranny. They are on shelves, on tables, on nightstands, windowsills, the floor, the boyfriend’s™ piano, chairs, in drawers, boxes and baskets. (The only room that doesn’t house any books is the bathroom. The steam is definitely not good for my precious babies.) I put them everywhere.

Bildergebnis für bookstack gif

3- Books are friends, not food.

I admit I have a hard time giving books away, even if I don’t read them (anymore). More than once a book that was in a box, about to go to an open shelf has somehow jumped out again.
When in doubt, let the book back out. Also, this is how books end up as computer stands and plant holders in my house. Nothing to see here.

4- My tbr will be forever taller than me.

I mean, doesn’t everyone of us have a slight TBR problem? I have about 150 books on my tbr right now and even though I don’t plan on buying any more books at the moment, the stacks of those unread books just don’t get any smaller.

5- There is a book in my bag always.

I always have a book with me. Not only because my phone also hosts the Kindle app, so I am able to have an emergency book with me whenever I have my phone.
Mostly because there is a physical book always in my bag. Just in case, you know? You never know when you have to hide your face behind your book because you are suddenly chased by the police or a crazy ex or desperately need to get out of a conversation by pretending that you need to go to the library so you don’t get any late fees. Also, reading material. That’s a perk too.

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    • I’m actually a little embarassed to admit to the exact figure. It’s kinda astonishing that I got so many books together.

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