Top Five Tuesday // Choosing was definitely harder than the ABCs

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Hello, sweet peas!

Somehow I’m still not rid of that cold. It seems to get even worse which is positively annoying. Which might be one of the reasons why I’m trying to distract myself with today’s installment of the Top Five Tuesday by Shana @ The Bionic Bookworm.

I have to admit, I was very, very, VERY tempted to do five books per letter but then I thought that that might have been overkill. Now there was the predicament that I had to choose just one for every letter. I think I did it. Although it still hurts to have some of my favourites not featured. ūüė≠

A like Isabel Allende


The story of how I got to read this book still pains me. Because when I was at school there was this mean girl in my class that I had an instant hatred for. She was rich and popular and let everybody who wasn’t in her circle feel that she was better than them. I really didn’t like her.
Which was why it irks me so much that she introduced me to this book during a book presentation she had to do in front of the class. Because this book is really hecking wonderful, full of adventure and a whiff of mystic and why the hell did she had to have a good taste in books?

B like Holly Black


This is the only book by Holly Black that I have read but I quite like it. She has a way to build a story, to give you information piece by piece that glues you to the page rather than be frustrating.

The boyfriend finds that title hilarious by the way and keeps trying to make up some of his one, eg. “The doggies dog in dogtown”.

C like Agatha Christie


I’ve become quite an Agatha Christie fan over the years. First I was hardcore stuck on Miss Marple and shyed away from the litte Belgian Hercule Poirot. But somehow that character has wormed his way into my heart and I’m happy to read as many books by Agatha Christie as possible. She has a way to keep me guessing and surprises me, no matter how hard I try to deciver any clues she might put into her books.

D like Christelle Dabos

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Now this is a book that definitely had to make the list. I just need more people to read this series so I have more people to gush about its perfection, its world building, the storylines, characters and Ophelia’s scarf. Please, please, PLEASE read it!!!

E like Janet Evanovich


I’m trying to remember when I read the first book by Janet Evanovich but all I can recall is that my mother recommended the books to me on one of those very rare trips to the library where she actually accompanied me again. (At this point it was usually me going to the library and her asking me to get her something too. She was completely confident in my book choices for her.)

I absolutely adore Janet Evanovich’s books and the have yet to disappoint me. At this point I’m not sure if that is even possible though. Instead of her famous Stephanie Plum series I put the first of her “Fox & O’Hare” series here because they are a really fun read. I wonder when they get turned into a movie.

Do you agree with my list? Do you know any of the books or plan to read them? Why don’t you stay and chat?

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