Top Five Tuesday // I hecking hate Tuesdays.

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Hi, guys!

Man, I wanna punch something. And not even in the usual “I hecking hate Tuesdays” kind of way. More like the “Why are all my colleagues arseholes and I can’t even be sick for two days without coming back to work to find nothing got done without me” kind. I’m just so mad.

Okay, yesterday was even worse. So much worse.

That’s why I’m writing this blogpost at the office! Because I’m mad. To calm down. And to spite them. Ha!

Psssst! Don’t you dare tattle on me.

F like Cornelia Funke


Not gonna lie, I always knew that Cornelia Funke would top this list. She is one of my all-time favourite authors. Her books and her writing style have this very own quality to them, a dark kinda aura. It’s like the pages whisper, you can smell the magic. Every single book by her I’ve read, it’s like the pages are infused with my memories, and I cherish every one of them.
You might know that book by the name of “Inkheart” by the way. I’m so happy they have translated many of her books into English too, so more people can read them.

G like S.E. Grove


I was pretty sure that this author wouldn’t be too often on today’s lists, so it deserves a mention. Furthermore I really like those books. The worldbuilding is incredible. Give them a try when you can.

H like Helene Hanff


The last book I cried while reading and also one of the rare non-fiction books in my repartoire. Highly recommend.

I like I don’t even know

I is hard people. The only one I found was John Irving and I have never read anything by him no feel the need to read something by him. So hard pass for I today.

J like Diana Wynne Jones


An author I have just discovered last year and I totally fell in love with her writing. Nobody else manages to write books that are kinda whimsical and still hilarious at the same time.

Do you agree with my list? What authors are on yours?

4 responses to “Top Five Tuesday // I hecking hate Tuesdays.

  1. I wouldn’t dare tell on you. Your secret is safe with me. As long as you don’t tell that I sometimes do the same thing. xD I’m lucky that with my current job, I finally have *good* colleagues that don’t require me to function. It was a long time coming.

    Oooh, Cornelia Funke is a good one! Hadn’t even thought of her. And so much yes for Diana Wynne Jones! I still need to pick up the Howl’s Moving Castle series. For I … how about Justina Ireland?! Totally recommend the Dread Nation duology. :3

    • I have to admit I have never heard of Justina Ireland before. I will definitely check it out. 🙂
      And I positively adore Cornelia Funke. I have so many fond memories of reading those books, I definitely need to pick one up again. 🙂

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