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Hey, guys.

I’m tired. I’m hecking bone-tired and bloody exhausted.

I don’t wanna be another one of those people who rant about the corona virus on her blog. I really don’t. But the part of Austria where I live is basically on lockdown now. People are not supposed to go anywhere except –

– except when they work in one of the crucial sectors. And surprise! I work in a crucial sector.

When I came to work yesterday, I had more than triple of my normal Monday workload. And Mondays are usually already very intense. Today doesn’t look any better.
I understand that some people have to keep working. I understand that it’s important and crucial and necessary. And to some point I am glad that I can do my part. It just so happens that all those people – people working in grocery stores or have something to do with food production or distribution, police officers, pharmacists, doctors, nurses – all those people are now working so much harder.

At this point, I just wanna say: I know everybody is scared. I understand that. I would be lying if I’d say that I’m not scared. I am. Just please, be kind to all those people who are still out there, making sure that everything continues working and that the infrastructure and supply and health care doesn’t collaps.

Okay. Sorry for this. I will now try and go back to being that weird and cocky person I pretend to be on the internet.

Erm, why are we even here? I forgot for a moment – oh, yes. Of course. The weekly Top Five Tuesday by Shana @ The Bionic Bookworm!

K like Darby Karchut

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I put this book here because it is the last one I finished, yay! I quite liked it and am already writing the review. Also, yay! I really wanna read the second book as well.

L like C.S. Lewis


I can’t even say if The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is my favorite of the Chronicles of Narnia. I’m also kinda partial to The Horse and it’s Boy or The Magician’s Nephew. Have you read them?

M like A. Lee Martinez


If you want imaginative Science Fiction or Urban Fantasy, I highly recommend A. Lee Martinez. I don’t think I laugh with any other books more.

N like Patrick Ness

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I have not actually read that book. I have not read any books by Patrick Ness. I still thought I could put him on the list since I don’t really have any other authors with N.

O like Kenneth Oppel

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Oh, I’m so happy that we’re finally at the letter O since Kenneth Oppel is one of my very, very favorite authors. I have read many of his books and I reread some of them on a regular basis. There is also a new book by him which just got released and I’m so psyched for it!

Do you know any of those books? What’s on your list?

5 responses to “Top Five Tuesday // The general craze about all the things.

  1. I’m going to ignore the books here for a while and say you’re totally allowed to vent over the virus on your blog. It’s YOUR blog and YOUR safe space. Especially in these times, we need places like that.

    My mom works in one of those crucial sectors as well – with elderly people – and it’s hard. Especially since she’s living with us, she’s even more aware of the risks she’s taking, all while trying her hardest to do the best thing for everyone. She’s worn out – as you probably are. Do know that I appreciate each and everyone working in any sector that’s still up and running – and needs to remain that way. I might not live in Austria, but THANK YOU for doing what you do.

    • Thank you for your comment. I have to admit it made me tear up a little. I completely understand that ranting is necessary. I just feel like that Corona is already so prominent everywhere that I’m kinda mad for it to let it infest my blog as well but on the other hand it’s just a little hard now. Even though I should probably be glad that I still have a job. Who knows how many businesses have to close down because they cannot handle the prolonged time of not making money?
      And all my love to you and your mom. She is the real mvp. All the best from the bottom of my heart. <3

      • It is prominent everywhere – that’s a fact. But it has to be since there are a lot of people over here that simply don’t GET how serious it is. They’re still running around in groups, coming together in front jards to talk and let their children play and I’m sitting in my own garden like “are you serious..” So many people are seeing this like some extra vacation and it’s making me mad..
        But yes to being glad about having a job still. So many small businesses I frequent have had to shut down by now and I’m scared of never seeing them back again. We called around asking if we could help making deliveries / buying some of their stock so it doesn’t go to waste and were able to help in that way but.. It doesn’t cover a lot of their expenses and doesn’t do much for their income either.. Things are tough right now for so many people. It sucks..

        Thank you! All the best for you too. And feel free to come rant anytime. Skies know we need to shout about it for a bit once in a while. 🙂

  2. Best of luck with your job and surviving the workload. I’m exhausted just listening to you talk about it. I’ll be working through everything, too, but at least my job isn’t too difficult at this point, so I can’t complain at all.

    I really need to re-read Narnia! Since it’s been forever, and I’ve forgotten most of them at this point. You NEED to read some Patrick Ness! I’ve only read one of his books so far (though I have an ARC of another) and I absolutely loved it. His writing was incredible.

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