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Hey, sweet peas!

This is the first time that I take part in the Top Five Tuesday by the Bionic Bookworm and this first sentence is already edited because I’m such a noob and did read the prompt wrong. Instead of “Books that exceeded my expectations” I made a post about “Books that didn’t meet my expectations”. By now it’s not even Tuesday anymore. Great job, M. 🙄

Books that didn’t meet my expectations

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Stalking Jack the Ripper

I was really curious about this book. Victorian London, serial killers, banter – I was intrigued and was looking forward to reading it. And when I read it I was somehow really underwhelmed. I got all the things I listed, sure, but I also could tell after a third of the book who the killer was and didn’t like the characters much until almost the end of the book. I kept wishing for more corpses because that was when the book picked up in quality. Too bad, because the premise was so good and I wanted to like that book.

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A darker shade of magic

It took me ages to read this book. I want to like V.E. Schwab’s books in general because the premises are always roping me in. I have so many of her books at home. It still always takes me too long to get really into them, to be hooked. It also took me three tries to get started with this one. And while I found the idea behind it really interesting, I couldn’t really enjoy it. Maybe because some things were just unclear to me and I didn’t like Lila all that much.


Die Last

I really liked this series. It was dark. It was real. I had always the feeling that Tony Parsons pulled away the curtain and let me look what was behind it. The story of “Die Last” was fascinating but the author has this annoying habit of killing off the good guys. And the fourth book was especially bad, since I hoped that this time it would be better. It wasn’t.

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I dnf-ed this one. I absolutely loved The Illuminae files and was kinda disappointed by this one. I didn’t like Mia. While the narrator was funny in the beginning he started to annoy me later. I just expected so much more. Maybe I will finish it at some point but not in the near future.


The invisible library

You cannot go wrong with books about books, right? Well, turns out you can. I don’t know, I was expecting more fun, more books, more adventure. The book was just too convoluted for me. I’m still not sure what the library is there for exactly. Maybe that gets explained in the next book? I don’t know.

So, that’s it. Five books. It was surprisingly hard to come up with but I guess that’s a good thing. Means that I usually pick books that I like, right? 🙂

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