Welcome to Tirilu’s new Home!

Posted 14-07-2022 by Marion in Allgemein / 5 Comments

Home with a capital H, baby!

Chrm-chrm. Hello, friends!

I’m very happy that it’s finally time to reveal my new blog. What do you think?

I have tinkered and prodded and did a lot of stuff to show this to you today and I still feel that it’s not ready yet. (Of course, there are indeed a few things that will take some time, like for example the reviews.That page is still empty at the moment but it will fill, I promise.)

I have decided not to change the graphics of any old posts, because I wanna see where I came from. However, I have decided to put all the old posts from the days when I still wrote this blog in German, on private. I’m pretty sure you were not reading those anyway. (For this one person that was still looking at my Motivation am Mittwoch post from 4 years ago, I’ll make you a new one, okay?)

There is a lot of new design going on. I put a lot of love into it. Maybe you have already seen the review I have just posted earlier? There will be more where that came from and also some new discussion posts and life updates and lots of fun stuff, okay? I hope you will enjoy the new blog as much as I do. (Besides some hiccups that I certainly did NOT enjoy.)

Like I said in my last post on my old site, I hope this will make blogging a bit easier. (And commenting a bit easier for you.) I still have to figure out some things but hey, I’m impatient now and I think it’s good enough so far.

What do you think? Do you like the new design? Are there any tips or wishes or questions? Anything you’d like to see or read? All bets are off now, so take that opportunity. 😀

5 responses to “Welcome to Tirilu’s new Home!

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