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Hello, sweet peas!

Am I the only one that thinks that February went by really fast? Then again, I always feel like the first three months of the year pass by really quickly. I have not read as many books as in January but I think it’s still enough and well. I still have to figure out, why I cannot copy in the covers of my read books anymore. Anyway, what else happened in February?

♣️ Not really intersting per se but there was the vote for the mayor in my town. For some reason it really felt good to execute my right to vote and to look at all the options and really think about what you vote for, you know? I know that many people just vote for what they have always voted for which is bullsh*t if you ask me. It just felt like I could actively do something for our situation and take responsibility and it felt good.

♣️ My boyfriend and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary. We picked up some food – we rarely ever eat out, we are rather good cooks – and watched Rocky 3. We are not big on giving gifts but this year he surprised me with a small table for the bed. It has a reading stand and a place to put a drink and is made from bamboo and I love it so much. It’s just so thoughtful and I love him so much. 🥺

I cannot really think of anything else, so let’s continue with some books. 🙂

📖physical copy
💥 graphic novel
🐣Middlegrade/Children’s Fiction
👽science fiction

The Ex-TalkRachel Lynn Solomon⏰🐔💗📱3,5🦊
Revenge of the BeastJack Meggit-PhillipsThe Beast and the Bethany #2🐣🐉📱4,5🦊
The Witch, the Sword and the Cursed KnightsAlexandria Rogers🐣🐉📱4🦊
BraveSvetlana ChmakovaBerrybrooks Middleschool #2🐣💥⏰📱☑️3🦊
Love at first SpiteAnna E. Collins⏰🐔💗📱3🦊
The Sun is also a StarNicola Yoon🐥💗⏰📱5🦊
Bad SisterCharise Mercile Harper💥⏰📱3🦊
Undercover PrincessConnie GlynnThe Rosewood Chronicles #1🐥🐉📱3,5🦊
Lease on LoveFalon Ballard⏰🐔💗📱3🦊

It annoys me to no end but I cannot get the covers into this post today. Maybe there is some problem with WordPress again.

I wrote reviews this month! Yay! I was especially happy with Logan Foster, so go read that one!

Review “The Babysitter’s guide to monster hunting”

Blogtour “The Beast and the Bethany – Revenge of the Beast”

Blogtour “The Witch, the Sword, and the Cursed Knights”

Review “The Unforgettable Logan Foster” by Shawn Peters

Blogtour “Undercover Princess” by Connie Glynn

There were not really any other posts beside the reviews, besides my Pondathon announcement post! Which reminds me that I still have to put all my stuff in my little garden. That’s gonna be fun. 😉 I also bought HEAPS of books and I’m gonna put that in a post on its own. So look out for that.

Pondathon II – Announcement post!

And that’s…pretty much it! I hope you’ve had a great month as well and that you are doing well and everything. Also, have you read any of my books? 😉

9 responses to “Wrap-up February

  1. I also read The Ex Talk this month and I found it to be pretty sweet and fun, and though it seemed at first like a different take on the fake dating trope (since they were faking a former relationship) it was still more of the same, so it was a little predictable, and therefore a little boring for me. I think the hype got to me, I just expected a little more? Though I will say that a love interest like Dominic (aka a man who actually takes relationships and intimacy seriously) instead of being some hot sex god like in some romance books felt refreshing!
    What did you think?

    • I liked the inclusion of how Shay was dealing with her father’s death and how she was still not coping quite as well as you would expect. I liked the transcripts of the show and the writing style but in the end I would have wished for more banter and less thirsting, I guess?

  2. Great wrap-up! It sounds like that table for your bedside is perfect for readers. And I agree, it’s always a good feeling to exercise your right to vote, especially when you take the time to actually research the issues or the candidates.

  3. I’ve voted in many elections now, but it still feels adult and special to be able to vote! Though, for the past while, it’s been through the mail since I haven’t felt comfortable going to the ballot boxes. And honestly, voting by mail is pretty convenient!

    • Ah, there was not a big vote here in the last two years, so there was nothing to be bothered about. I have actually never tried voting via mail, but I think I would always worry that my vote wouldn’t get there in time for the counting? I kinda like showing up there on vote day though. Gives me the juvenile feeling of “Look, I’m old enough to vote. I’m here. I’m voting.” Even though I have been voting for, what, fifteen years?

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