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Happy Sunday, sweet peas!

I feel like January is always a weird month. It’s at the same time incredibly fast but also always seems to stretch on forever.

The question now is: What happened in January?

♣️My youngest, smallest and cutest baby sister turned 18. Which is weird. She’s a legal adult now. It still seems like yesterday that she had to wear the same pink skirt to kindergarden everyday for a month, even though it was winter and they wouldn’t let her go outside without proper clothes.

♣️Another lockdown happened. Which poses the question if that’s even newsworthy anymore?

That’s pretty much it. I cannot really think of anything else, right now. Maybe I’ll put some more stuff here when I post this. Which evidently hasn’t happened if you read this here now.

Somewhen, in the middle of January I kinda lost my drive for reading. I just felt like doing other things all the time and could not really concentrate. That’s fine, though. Reading should not be a chore. 😉

To all the boys I’ve loved beforeJenny HanTATBILB#1YA Romance📱4⭐️To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han
A Snicker of MagicNatalie LloydMiddlegrade Fantasy📱4,5⭐️A Snicker of Magic by Natalie Lloyd
The Sleepwalker TonicJason Segel & Kirsten MillerNightmares! #2Middlegrade Fantasy📱4⭐️Nightmares! The Sleepwalker Tonic by Jason Segel
JinxedAmy McCullochJinxed #1YA Science Fiction📱4,5⭐️Jinxed by Amy McCulloch
UnleashedAmy McCullochJinxed #2YA Science Fiction📱4⭐️Unleashed by Amy McCulloch
The Nebula SecretTrudi TruetiExplorer Academy #1Middlegrade Fantasy📱4,5⭐️The Nebula Secret by Trudi Trueit
Before they were authorsElizabeth HaidleNon-fiction📱💥4⭐️Before They Were Authors by Elizabeth Haidle
Nightmare AcademyDean LoreyNightmare Academy #1Middlegrade Fantasy📱2,5⭐️Nightmare Academy by Dean Lorey
The Marriage GameSara DesuiRomance📱2,5⭐️The Marriage Game by Sara Desai
A Girl called OwlAmy WilsonMiddlegrade Fantasy📖4⭐️A Girl Called Owl by Amy  Wilson

I didn’t blog that much this month but I still think that three reviews is rather good.

Review “Greetings from Witness Protection”

Review “A Snicker of Magic”

Review “Song for a Whale”

I wrote one post that I’m quite proud of! Come and check it out!

How to read more books // ft. foolproof tricks because I totally know what I’m doing

That’s pretty much it. Reading kinda took a backseat the rest of the month, so there is not a lot of stuff to tell.

How did your month go? Anything you wanna tell me?

4 responses to “Wrap-up January

  1. the marriage game was in my 2021 tbr list but now seeing your rating i’m not sure if i want to pick it up……… anyways! hope you enjoy your February reading month a lot!

  2. Oh noooo. Do you feel old now that the baby turned 18? My little sister is turning 14 next week, and I’m kind of like, wait, when did that happen?! Why are you talking about how cute boys are?! Stahp!

    Ooooh, Before They Were Authors sounds like a really interesting read!

    • I feel super old. I mean, she’s legally an adult now? Is she not much to smol to be an adult? And when did that happen anyway? She always was the smallest girl everywhere and now she is almost my height? Halp?

      Before they were authors is great. Made me feel good about those unwritten books I have in my drawer.

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