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Hello, sweet peas!

Yupp, it’s already the end of March. Crazy isn’t it? There was not much that happened but I’ll try to get my brain straight anyway.

♣️ I have started to drive to work all on my own. Which is, to be honest, absolutely terrifying. But I’m getting better and so far haven’t had an accident. Somebody please tell me I’m doing great, I need tons of positive reinforcement.

♣️ I have started to read my very first Stephen King novel. Dispite many people trying to dissuade me and giving me very good advice and recommendations (like Rafaela) I have sillily decided not to listen to any of them and started with the 1600 pages thick monster that is IT. I’m about 100 pages in, will take forever to read it but I’m actually quite curious about it. This is gonna be my next project. Let’s see how long it will take me to actually finish this book.

♣️ I got a new badge from Netgalley! I have officially written 10 reviews for Netgalley, which might not sound that much but since it’s rather hard for me to get approved, I’m quite proud of it.

I cannot think of anything else, so I that must be it. (Is my life really that boring?) But honestly, I have to keep better track of what’s actually going on in my life over the course of the month. That’s gonna be a new resolution for April. Let’s see if I can stick to it. HA!

I did not read many books this month. Somehow March always puts a dent in my plans and it always makes me lag behind my yearly goal. I really have to step up my game.

Beast BoyKami Garcia & Gabriel PicoloTeen TitansGraphic Novel 📖 💥 4⭐️Teen Titans by Kami Garcia
Sal & Gabi break the UniverseCarlos HerandezSal & Gabi #1Middlegrade 📱 4 ⭐️ Sal and Gabi Break the Universe by Carlos  Hernandez
Tentacle & WingSarah PorterMiddlegrade Fantasy 📱 3.8 ⭐️ Tentacle and Wing by Sarah  Porter
The Magic PlaceChris WormellChildren’s Lit 📱 3 ⭐️ The Magic Place by Chris Wormell
ArchimancyJ.A. WhiteShadow School #1Middlegrade Horror 📱 4⭐️ Archimancy by J.A.    White
NightbooksJ.A. WhiteMiddlegrade Horror 📱 4⭐️ Nightbooks by J.A.    White
The Accidental ApprenticeAmanda FoodyWilderlore #1Middlegrade Fantasy 📱 5 ⭐️ The Accidental Apprentice by Amanda Foody

I also read a sampler for Abi Elphinstone’s “The Crackledawn Dragon” that I found on Netgalley but since it’s just part of a book and I didn’t find it on Goodreads, I don’t think it really counts.

I’m actually rather proud! I have written quite a lot of reviews – if you consider every small mini review as its own individiual review. Lately reviews are somewhat easier to write for me while writing discussion posts…well, not so much. I really hope that next month will be better concerning the discussion posts. And that it will be just as good with the reviews.

Review “Cogheart”

Review “Sal and Gabi break the Universe”

Review “The Tornado”

Review “The Magic Place”


Well, actually…there are not a lot of other posts. I mostly wrote WWW posts which are the only posts that keep me still sane and keep me in check. But other than that, there wasn’t much more.

Did I reach my goals?

As you know, I usually set myself a bunch of goals that I wanna reach during the coming month. Let’s see how I did, shall we?

📚 Goal 1 – Read and review eArcs ✔️

I mean, I got two out of three done, so I’m actually rather happy with that.

📚 Goal 2 – Read the BOTM for the Middlegrade Marvels Bookclub ✔️


I loved this book! It was marvellous to read it with my friends from the bookclub. And I even stuck to the sections! It was a total win.

📚 Goal 3 – Write at least 4 reviews ✔️

That one I managed too! Isn’t it great? I finally manage to stick to goals and finish them. And I was actually really happy with those reviews too, no matter how that they weren’t really read that much.

📚 Goal 4 – Do buddy reads✖️

This one I unfortunately didn’t manage. While Sammie has already started I just don’t feel it. I’m sure Aurora Burning is an exciting book but right now it’s probably just not the right time for me.

📚 Goal 5 – Write another kickass discussion post! ✖️

Uuuuuum, no. Didn’t manage that. But next month! Next month I will manage. Maybe even over Easter!

📚 Goal 5 – Update the tbr page of my blog ✔️✖️

I did that, kinda? I have started. That much I can say. But I’m sure that I have still forgotten about some books and I will still have to work on that one.

Have I read any books off my Possibility Pile for March?

Aaaahhh-hahahahahahahahahahahahahaaa! That was a good one! I can be so funny! Really, I’m hilarious.
Unfortunately, I have not read one book that I put on the Possibility Pile at the beginning of the month. I mean, I tried? I have actually started Wonderscape and poked my nose into Chilling Effect but I haven’t read anything, so no dice. I think I’m gonna try and make a new one for April and try again. Maybe I’ll even make one every month and then at the end of the year, I will see how well it actually went? That sounds like a fab idea. I’ll do that.

The only question that remains: How has your month been?

6 responses to “Wrap-up March

  1. Yay – go you on driving to work! I’m a terrible driver abd I hate it especially if I have to drive anywhere new do you have my full admiration and support on this one!!
    Great work getting your netgalley badge and reviews done too.

    • Thank you, Rachael! I just passed my driver’s licence test last summer and I’m a rather nervous driver but I feel like I’m improving. 🙂 It really does help if you drive a lot. Thank you for the praise, makes me feel really good. You’re lovely! <3

  2. Nice! Great job on driving to work! I wish I could drive (too expensive to take lessons), so I am always impressed if someone can do it. Congrats on your new Netgalley batch and also on completing goals and reading some great books. I hope this month you can try out your March Possibility books. Have a good month!

    • I’m also so many years behind my peers and have to save up for it a lot but it does give you a sense of freedom. If you ever get around to try it you have my support and cheer. 🙂 I actually started Flatshare, so this month is hopefully going better with the PP. 🙂

  3. Louise

    Awesome wrap up! I am exactly the same when it comes to driving to new places. Even though I’ve been driving for years now it just gets me into a panic. I’m fine if I know where I’m going! Well done on your new badge and on a great month. I hope April will be great for you too!

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