Wrap-up May// What did I even do this month?

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Hello, sweet peas!

May is over already. I must say, of all the months in the year May is one of my favourites. I love the atmosphere and the weather and the smells and the national holidays this months has. I even managed to remember what happened in this month.

♣️ 1 year on Twitter. You wouldn’t believe how the last year flew by. Which is a weird thing to say. I guess that it’s just that so many things happened. A third world war almost broke out. There were enormous storms going on in Austria. A pandemic broke out. A terrorist attack in Vienna. BLM. I passed my driver’s licence test. The Boyfriend™ lost his job and started an apprenticeship he loves. Man. So many things happed, I don’t even want to think about it. All I’m saying is, there has been a lot going on last year that joining twitter seems not even worth putting it down here, somehow. But yeah, I’ve been a year on twitter now.

♣️ Birthday Month. It was my birthday month in May – not that that means that I’m celebrating my birthday for a whole month but you get the idea. I have been indulging myself and buying new books with the vouchers I got and I’m really happy. Usually my birthday is a rather unimportant affair for me but this year I felt very loved.

♣️ First time part of TBR and beyond tours. I’m really excited. So excited. I’m so happy to be part of a TBR and Beyond Tours booktour and I can’t wait that it’s my turn to tell you all about the book I’ve been reading.

♣️ Working on a new design for the blog. It’s basically finished at this point and I’m very excited. It might take a while to be changed but if everything runs well then it’s gonna be there tomorrow. Yay!

📖physical copy
💥 graphic novel
🐣Middlegrade/Children’s Fiction
👽science fiction

TitleAuthorSeriesGenreFormatwith me sinceReread?RatingCover
The Kindred Spirits Supper ClubAmy E. Reichert 🐔 💗 📱 29.04.2021no4⭐️The Kindred Spirits Supper Club by Amy E. Reichert
Percy Jackson and the Greek HeroesRick RiordanPercy Jackson 🐣 🐉 📱 Libraryno4⭐️Percy Jackson and the Greek Heroes by Rick Riordan
The House at the Edge of MagicAmy Sparkes 🐣 🐉 📱 29.04.2021no3,5 ⭐️ The House at the Edge of Magic by Amy Sparkes
Der Greif erwachtBenedict MirowDie Chroniken von Mistle End #1 🐣 🐉 📖 21.07.2020no4,5 ⭐️ Der Greif erwacht by Benedict Mirow
Just PretendTori Sharp 🐣 💥 📱 18.05.2021no3 ⭐️ Just Pretend by Tori Sharp
Tales from the HinterlandMelissa Albert 🐥 📱 28.01.2021no4 ⭐️ Tales From the Hinterland by Melissa Albert
Shades of EarthAdrian TchaikovskyThe Architects #1🐔 👽 📱 30.04.2021no 4 ⭐️ Shards of Earth by Adrian Tchaikovsky
Der Dunkle MeisterR.L FergusonDie Schule der Alyxa 🐣 🐉 📱 20.05.2021no 4 ⭐️ Der dunkle Meister by R.L. Ferguson

Usually here would be a section about reviews I wrote this month but the truth is: I haven written any. I also haven’t written any other posts, so I’m already afraid to look how I have spectacularly failed the goals I set for myself at the beginning of the month.

Have I read the books from the Possibility Pile?

I admit it, I admit it. I have not read any of the books from the pile. I could try to defend myself that I had to read a lot of booktour books or that I had so much to do with the new design. But I don’t wanna make excuses and it’s just a Possibility Pile anyway. 🙂

Did I reach my goals?

📚 Goal 1 – Read and review eArcs ✔️✖️

Technically, I managed to read Shards of Earth which was a booktour book and therefore an eArc. But I haven’t written the review yet, so I guess it counts only half.

📚 Goal 2 – Write at least 4 reviews ✖️

Big, fat goose egg on that one. Not one review written.

📚 Goal 3 – Update the tbr page of my blog ✔️

I actually did that! I think I even managed it all, safe the two books that I bought yesterday because greedy. But other than that, that page should be fairly updated!

📚 Goal 4 – Continue reading IT ✖️

I didn’t actually read IT this month. My bad. Still holding on to that goal though.

📚 Goal 5 – Read at least 3 books from the tbr ✖️

Wait, let me check. So, I think I have read two books from the tbr which is not the three I was going for. So nope, not achieved this one either. Oh, well.

This is already it, guys. Not much more to my reading May than that. But it doesn’t matter. I still had a good month and June is definitely gonna be better.

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  1. Molly's Book Nook

    The last year has been quite crazy hasn’t it! But…Happy belated birthday! I’m glad you enjoyed your month 🙂 The covers for the books you read are so fun! Look at all the colors! I love it. Hope June treats you well 🙂

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