Wrap-up October // I’m so glad to live in a world where there are Octobers.

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Hello, sweetpeas!

And October is over as well. I totally love Octobers. And I would have been glad for this month to go on a little longer.

I can’t really say much of what happened in October. Again. It’s just a blur. But fine. The only thing, I can think of from the top of my head is:

♣️ I bought a new Kindle. After ten years, I’ve bought a new eReader while it was on sale for Prime day and so far I’m rather happy about it. I mean, I loved my old Kindle. I got that one for my birthday from my dad and it lived and lived and lived. But now the battery is pretty much dead, the wifi never worked and I’m ready for the new one. Especially since I’m reading more ebooks lately.

♣️ I sorted through my bookshelf and sold some books. It was two boxes full and I feel good with that. I got about €70,- out of that, so that’s good. Even though it was so many hardbacks. Funnily enough, they rejected two of the books and are sending them back. What books they rejected? The two biggest ones. 😂

That’s pretty much it with the news. But hey, bookish news are always good news.

📖physical copy
💥graphic novel
City of GhostsVictoria SchwabCassidy Blake #1Middlegrade Horror📖5⭐️40512862. sy475
JungledropAbi ElphinstoneUnmapped Chronicles #2Middlegrade Fantasy📖5⭐️52811104. sx318 sy475
A Country WeddingLeigh DuncanRomance📱3⭐️40788368. sy475
The ArchivedV.E. SchwabThe Archive #1YA 📱4⭐️42613908. sy475
Tunnel of BonesVictoria SchwabCassidy Blake #2Middlegrade Horror📖5⭐️43876229. sy475
GeisterritterCornelia FunkeMiddlegrade Horror📱4⭐️29766057. sx318
MementoJay Kristoff, Amy KaufmanIlluminae Files #0,5YA Science Fiction📱5⭐️55654594. sy475
GhostsRaina Telgemeier📱💥4⭐️25903764. sx318

This month was not that good of a reading month for me. I just didn’t feel like reading the last few days and rather spend my time on my phone or listening to music. But on the other hand there were a lot of 5 star reads in there this month. Which is great!

You know, I don’t even know why I have this section. I never put any books here anyway.

I’m super proud of myself, you know? I wrote a lot of reviews this month, at least one a week. It’s not that they get easier but at least I’m more consistent now.

Review “Pages & Co. – Tilly and the Bookwanderers”

Review “The Jumbies”

Review “Sky Song”

Review “Tunnel of Bones”

Review “Jungledrop”

I think October was a successful blogging month for me in general. I was much more active and somehow also had a lot more fun. And that’s what it is all about, isn’t it?

For example, I have written a post about my bookish wishlist, that is full of books I maybe wanna read some day but have no imminent priority right now. But it was good to list them all, you know?

On my Bookish Wishlist

A post I’m really super proud of was my post about things that books made me curious about. You know, when you read a book and the protagonist has an interesting hobby? Or a great topic you immediately wanna research?

Things that books made me curious about

Aaaaand – drumroll please – my post about my tbr. Guys, that one even got tweeted about by Dave @thewritereads on twitter, so this post is obviously royalty now. And if you feel like you need some tips to take care of your tbr, you should definitely check it out.

How I made peace with my tbr // ft. tips and tricks, so you can too!

It’s time to look if I managed to achieve any of my goals that I set at A glimpse into October // monthly goals, Readathons & more.

Goal 1 – Read more books off the tbr

I’m not really sure if I managed to reach this goal, since some of them are rereads and some of them are new releases that I preordered. Maybe better luck next time?

Goal 2 – Do all the Buddy Reads

I had three buddy reads planned for this month. Two with Sammie, with whom I read City of Ghosts and Tunnel of Bones and it was so much fun! Seriously, you should totally check out Sammie’s blog if you are not already a faithful follower of her cult and also take a look at the wonderful post she made about our buddy read.

My other buddyread was with @happymarysbooks and we decided to try our hand at Agatha Christie’s Sad Cypress. Unfortunately it didn’t go very well, we both got bored and distracted and haven’t finished the book so far.

Goal 3 – Chime in with the BOTM

A-hahahahaha. Yeah, I didn’t think I would be so quiet this month in the chat, but I haven’t actually said anything on account of the BOTM. I just… didn’t have anything to say, I guess?

Goal 4 – Write at least five reviews

Let’s go back to the “Review” part of the wrap-up and count, okay? One, two, three, four, five… I DID IT!! Totally nailed that goal! 🎉🎉🎉

That’s pretty much it. What have you been up to in October? Anything interesting happened?

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